Real World: IUPUI Overnight Experience This form is required to be

Real World: IUPUI Overnight Experience
This form is required to be submitted two weeks prior to your confirmed overnight visit. Failure to
submit all forms two weeks prior to your confirmed visit will forfeit your spot in the overnight program.
All fields are required to be filled in to make the form complete.
We’re excited to have you visit IUPUI for an overnight experience. During your stay, you will be staying
overnight on the IUPUI campus. By checking the following items you have acknowledged that you will be
bringing these items with you as part of the experience. The items include:
Sleeping bag, pillow, blanket, twin sheets
Casual Clothing
Comfortable walking shoes, must be closed toe
Season appropriate clothes (ie: a warm coat in winter)
I agree to stay with the program the entire time unless prior arrangements with the Special
Programs Coordinator have been made for me to depart early
I understand the overnight visit includes a service learning project. I am willing to bring a
positive attitude and help where I am needed.
Approximately $25 to cover the cost of food and events
What to Leave at Home
While ultimately, we advise you to use your best discretion as to what to leave at home; we do
recommend that you leave your valuables, such as iPods/iPads, portable gaming systems, and expensive
jewelry, at home. Your Overnight Host, the Office of Campus Visits, the academic unit, or the University
will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items during your stay on campus.
If you have any question about what to bring or what not to bring to campus, please feel free to contact
the program coordinator.
Date: _____________________