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Share Class Conversion Form
Explicit Pricing
This form is to be used for Self-directed clients only, on Explicit Pricing.
This application is used to convert ALL accounts where the client listed in Section 2 is the primary holder.
Please complete this application form using black ink in BLOCK CAPITALS and return to: Cofunds Limited, PO Box 1103, Chelmsford CM99 2XY
1 Intermediary Details (For intermediary use only)
You will require a Cofunds Authorisation Code before being able to transact business. If you do not include this we will not be able to process this application.
Please note our system will be updated to link the client to this Intermediary Authorisation Code.
Cofunds Intermediary Authorisation Code
2 Personal/Company Details
Marketing Code
Intermediary Client/Deal Ref.
(Please complete this section in full)
Personal/Company Investor(s) primary holder.
Existing Cofunds Client Reference I have not received financial advice in relation to this investment.
(if registering in the name of a company,
please provide the company address here)
Current permanent residential address
or company name
Full first name(s)
3 Segmentation
(For intermediary use only)
Only complete this section if the customer is not currently segmented or if you wish to change their segment. All clients trading through Cofunds must be assigned to a segment.
Please note: we will only update the segment of the primary holder. If you wish to update the segments of any other holders you may do so online by visiting the ‘Client Servicing’ section
of the Cofunds website.
Please enter the name of the segment in full using BLOCK CAPITALS
We will update your client’s segment to the one entered above. Please note: if you change your client’s segment this may alter the charge model your client is assigned to.
If the chosen segment has a Fund Sale Instruction applied your client must be made aware of this. Should you wish to take a charge, please ensure that the applicable charge model is
assigned to the segment entered. Please note: the client will only be assigned to the charge model where it is set as mandatory for the chosen segment.
4 Convert Account
Please note: this instruction will convert all funds to commission-free as available to your intermediary. If your intermediary has access to exclusive, equivalent commission-free share
class funds, we will convert your funds to these. Where there are multiple equivalent commission-free share classes available to your intermediary we’ll use the default option as detailed
on ‘Funds Available from Cofunds’ (
All accounts - convert all accounts where the client is the primary holder.
Please note: for clients who have a Sale for Regular Payment set up with a nominated commission-included share class fund, you can update this fund to a commission-free share class
equivalent online. If you do not update this instruction we will apply the Sale for Regular Payment to your client’s largest value fund.
5 Service Charge
(For intermediary use only)
Please note: this section must be completed if you want your client’s agreement to be processed with this application.
Please ensure this charge applies to the segment the client is assigned to.
Service Charge model name
Annual Service Charge*
Intermediary Charge
Yes ✔ No
*If you have a tiered Service Charge you should enter the highest priced tier.
6 Convert Existing Regular Contribution
Convert the existing regular contribution in accordance with the option and accounts as indicated in Section 4.
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7 Declaration and Authorisation
I understand that it’s Cofunds normal business practice to process my conversion
following receipt of my instruction. The instruction to convert is then passed to the Fund/
Plan Manager who will convert and confirm back to Cofunds upon completion. Cofunds
upon receipt of confirmation will then reflect the change(s) to my accounts. This process
is subject to change dependant on volumes and individual Fund/Plan Manager processing
procedures. I authorise Cofunds to convert on my behalf as outlined above.
I understand that Cofunds will convert commission-included share class funds to their
commission-free share class equivalent where available to my intermediary.
I understand that Cofunds will convert commission-free share class funds to
commission-free exclusive share class funds where available to my intermediary.
I authorise Cofunds to convert on my behalf as indicated above. I understand that if
applicable, any application to convert ISA funds will be deemed to include all former ISA and
PEP products. I confirm that I have received the relevant product Key Features/Fund specific
information and/or Key Investor Information Documents relating to my investment.
I have viewed the Terms and Conditions of the Cofunds Platform (Self-directed Explicit
Pricing) and/or Customer Agreement relevant to the product I’m investing in, and, by
submitting this application form, I agree to be bound by that agreement.
I understand that there are fees (the Cofunds Platform Charges) for the use of Cofunds
services. I authorise Cofunds to collect these fees from my Cofunds Cash Account. If
there is insufficient money in my account, I authorise Cofunds to sell enough of my
Platform Assets to pay these fees in accordance with the ‘Our Charges’ section of the
Terms and Conditions of the Cofunds Platform (Self-directed Explicit Pricing).
I understand that the Customer Agreement relevant to the product I’m investing in sets
out the standard terms upon which Cofunds intends to rely, and it is important that I
should read and understand the terms before agreeing to be bound by them. If there is
any term or point I do not understand or do not wish to be bound by, I understand that I
can request further information before signing this application.
For the L&G Portfolio Plus/SIPP and L&G International Portfolio Bond, where there is
insufficient money in my cash account to pay the Platform Charge and I have an existing
Sale for Regular Payment mandate or Fund Sale Instruction, I authorise Cofunds to sell
funds from my ISA and/or investment funds in accordance with this mandate to cover the
charge. I understand that this may result in commission-included share class funds being
sold to cover this charge.
I agree to:
• The Platform Charge
•The Sale for Regular Payment Process in respect of the Platform Charge in circumstances
where I have an existing mandate
Fund Sale Instruction
If a Fund Sale Instruction applies to the segment linked to my investment, I accept and
agree that funds will be sold to settle any outstanding fees and charges which have
accrued prior to this date and all fees and charges payable hereafter.
Service Charge
I confirm that I have received my Fees and Charges Schedule and understand which
fees and charges are applicable to my investment. I hereby instruct Cofunds to pay my
intermediary the Service Charge specified in Section 5 of this form and in my Fees and
Charges Schedule from my relevant payment account.
Cofunds will accept authority from the primary holder only, in most circumstances.
For trusts and Powers of Attorney more than one signature may be required.
If I have an active Sale for Regular Payment mandate or the segment linked to my
investment applies to a Fund Sale Instruction (as described in my Fees and Charges
Schedule) and there is insufficient money within the relevant payment account, I
authorise Cofunds to sell enough of my platform assets to pay the Service Charge in
accordance with the relevant Terms and Conditions of the Cofunds Platform or Customer
Agreement applicable to my investments/assets.
Primary holder signature
Second holder signature
Third holder signature
Issued and approved by Cofunds Limited, One Coleman Street, London, EC2R 5AA.
Registered in England and Wales No. 3965289. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under FCA Registration No. 194734.
CA107SDUB 09/14
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