Comprehensive Form for Facility Reservations

___ Reservation form received at front desk
Date______________ Time__________
Requested Location___________________
Requested Date______________________
___ Reservation entered into RecTrac
___ Customer contacted if any conflicts
___ Receipt sent to customer
___ Receipts to appropriate facilities and rec
staff, police dept, etc
___ Original forms filed in reservation binder
Form for Facility
This form is for all types of
facility reservations including
those that require open
container permits, electricity,
amplified noise variance,
vendors, special events, public
events and more.
Revised 10-27-14
City of Laramie Parks & Recreation Department
Laramie Community Recreation Center
920 Boulder Drive
Laramie, WY 82073
Facility/Special Event Reservation Comprehensive Form
The name, address, email address, and telephone number of the person seeking
to conduct event and an alternative contact person;
Primary Phone #
Alternate Contact
Zip Code
Event Name
1) If the event is to be conducted by an organization, please provide the name, address and telephone number of the
headquarters of the organization and/or of the responsible heads of such organization. Organizations are not eligible
for “member” rates.
2) If the event is designed to be held by, and on behalf of or for, any person other than the applicant, the applicant for
such shall file with Parks & Recreation staff or designee a communication in writing from the person proposing to hold
the event, authorizing the applicant to apply for the permit on his behalf.
3) The name and telephone number of the person who will be present and in charge of the event on the day of the
Name__________________________________________Phone_______________Cell Phone_________________
4) Location of the Facility/Special Event:_______________________________________________________________
Second Choice:________________________________________________________________________________
5) The date and time (starting and ending) when the event is to be conducted:
Date___/___/___, Day of week______________ Start Time___________am/pm
End Time___________am/pm
6) Estimated number of participants in the event:_____________________
7) The nature/purpose of the event:
8) Estimated number of spectators and vehicles expected:
9) Parking: Requirements for the event:_______________________________________________________________
Approved 1-2011 – Revised 10-27-2014
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10) Electricity is only available at the following shelters: Kiwanis #1, LaBonte #1, LaPrele #1, Otto Dahl Shelter at
Washington Park, Washington #1 & 1 Street Plaza. Does your event require the electricity to be turned on?
If you would like the electricity turned on in the shelter please describe the items using electricity:
11) Water is only available at the following shelters: Kiwanis #1, LaBonte #1, LaPrele #1, Otto Dahl Shelter at Washington
Park, Washington #1 & 1 Street Plaza. Does your event require the water to be turned on?
If you would like the water turned on in the shelter please describe the reason:
12) Vendors: **Will any vendors be at the event? (Circle one)
If so, the type of items to be sold:
**Note: Laramie Municipal Code, Chapter 5.76.020 states that no person shall vend, sell, or otherwise exchange for
value and goods or services in any park in the city without a license obtained under this chapter (see vending permit
The Ice & Event Center and/or Recreation Center provide concessions that take priority over event vendors unless
otherwise negotiated in writing below.
13) Venue Set-Up: Description of the type and number of vehicles, equipment, animals and/or structures which will be
used at the event:
14) Amplified Sound: *Will the event include any amplified sound that may affect adjacent properties? YES / NO
If yes, time requested for the noise permit:___________________
*Note: Temporary relief noise permits are only allowed/permitted between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. for
a time period not to exceed two hours. Requests for temporary relief noise permits must be submitted a minimum
of 48 hours prior to the date/time of the event. Temporary relief noise permits will not be issued if there are
reasonable alternative locations for the event available to the applicant. Laramie Municipal Code, Chapter 8.40.005
states that amplified noise within a residential area above 55db (A), which is clearly audible from a distance of 50’, is
The Police Department will receive a copy of the facility reservation along with the temporary relief noise permit and
will routinely monitor the noise levels on all temporary relief noise permits. If a reservation permit is revoked for failure
to comply with these temporary noise guidelines, the Parks & Recreation Department will not issue a refund for the
unused reservation permit and will retain the applicant’s damage deposit.
Reason for the noise permit request:
15) Security: Will monitors and/or security be employed at the event? (Circle one)
Monitors____________________________________________________Number of people___________________
Security Company___________________________________________________Contract Attached____________
Approved 1-2011 – Revised 10-27-2014
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Alcohol Permits:
16) ***Open Container Permit Requested
***Note: “open container permit” means a permit as required by Laramie Municipal Code Chapter 12.60 for the
consumption of alcoholic beverages at a special event in or upon a street, alley, sidewalk, public building, public park
or parking lot open to unrestricted use by the public.
17) Malt Beverage or Alcohol Catering Permit: If any participant in the event intends to make a request for an malt
beverage or alcohol catering permit pursuant to Laramie Municipal Code, Chapter 5.09.350 and Chapter 5.09.355 the
applicant for such event permit shall file with the City Clerk’s office as to the issuance of any malt beverage or catering
alcohol permit for the event. Compliance is expected with any relevant law and in obtaining any legally required permit
or license, including, without limitation, alcohol permits or vendor licenses.
Note: A catering permit may be obtained for special events authorizing the sale of alcoholic and malt beverages to
any person holding a retail or resort retail liquor license.
18) Insurance Requirements: If a catering permit, malt beverage permit or open container permit is requested by the
applicant, Laramie Municipal Code, Chapter 12.60 requires that the applicant and authorized officer of the sponsoring
organization, if any, possess or obtain public liability insurance and/or liquor liability endorsement to protect against
loss from liability imposed by law for damages on account of bodily injury and property damage arising from the event.
Insurance coverage is required as a condition of an event, and the Parks & Recreation staff shall determine the
amount of insurance required, with a minimum of $500,000 in public liability insurance for reservations or
events that include the consumption of alcoholic beverages that are not open to the public (invited guests
only) with less than fifty (50) participants, based upon the considerations routinely taken into account by the city in
evaluating loss exposures, including, but not limited to, whether the event poses a substantial risk of damage or injury
due to the anticipated number of participants, the nature of the event and activities involved and the physical
characteristics of the proposed site. If the event or reservation that includes the consumption of alcoholic
beverages and is open to the public with more than fifty (50) participants the minimum public liability
insurance required is 1 million per occurrence, 2 million aggregate. Such insurance shall name on the policy
or by endorsement as additional insureds, the city, its officers, employees and agents. A certificate of
insurance coverage must be filed with the Parks & Recreation staff no less than five (5) days before the date of the
event unless the Parks & Recreation staff or designee changes the filing deadline, in which event such documents
shall be provided prior to the event.
Proof of Insurance Attached__________
19) Pursuant to Laramie Municipal Code, Chapter 12.52.010:
Damaging Vegetation – No person (other than authorized city employees) shall damage, cut, carve, transplant or
remove any tree or plant or injure the bark, or pick the flower or seeds of any tree or plant. Nor shall any such person
attach any rope, wire or other contrivance to any tree or plant, dig in or otherwise disturb grass areas, or in any other
way injure or impair the natural beauty of usefulness of any area in the park. (Parking on the turf is not allowed in
City Parks without prior permission from Parks & Recreation Staff. To make such a request, contact the
Parks Manager at 721-5264 at least 5 days before the scheduled event.)
20) This serves as an agreement that the applicant and authorized officer of the sponsoring organization, if any, agree to
reimburse the city for any costs incurred by the City in repairing damage to city property occurring in connection with
the event proximately caused by the actions of the event holder, its officers, volunteers, employees or agents, or any
person who was under the event holder’s control. Agreement also provides that the event holder shall defend the city
against, and indemnify and hold harmless, the city, its officers, employees, volunteers and agents from all causes of
action, claims or liabilities occurring in connection with the event, except those which occur due to the city’s sole
21) All advertising copy including the words, “Laramie Community Ice & Event Center,” or “Laramie Community
Recreation Center,” or any combination thereof, must be approved by Parks & Recreation Staff prior to use. This
includes, but is not exclusive to, live or recorded radio or television broadcasts, and print materials including
newspaper, flyers, tickets or brochures.
22) Photographs may be taken by Laramie City Parks & Recreation staff, or agents thereof, and will become the sole
property of the City of Laramie and may be used for promotional purposes.
Approved 1-2011 – Revised 10-27-2014
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23) Pursuant to Laramie Municipal Code, Chapter 8.04.010 if food is being served to the public and there is a charge, a
proper food license is required. Contact the Environmental Health Specialist at 721-5283.
24) Laramie Community Ice & Event Center and Laramie Community Recreation Center agrees to furnish general lighting
and electricity from the permanent fixtures and outlets in the building, water for normal usage as now installed in the
building, existing trash containers and dumpsters, and normal janitorial services prior to occupancy. However, a
failure to furnish any of the foregoing because of circumstances beyond the Parks & Recreation Department control
shall not be considered a breach of reservation agreement. All concession equipment is the sole property of the City
of Laramie, and will not be used by event holder unless expressly agreed in writing below. An additional fee may
accompany use of concession equipment or kitchen use. If the facility/event holder requires additional picnic tables at
a park facility, an additional fee may be required. If you would like to request the use of City equipment or additional
picnic tables or trash containers, please list below.
Agents, volunteers, assistants, or employees of Parks & Recreation and the City of Laramie reserve the right to have
free and unfettered access to all areas of the parks, buildings and grounds at all times.
Parks & Recreation also reserves the right to set occupancy limits for events as required by approved building and fire
codes for the City of Laramie. Fire lanes and exits must remain clear at all times. A walk-through with the Laramie
Fire Department and Police Department prior to the event may be required.
No long-distance phone calls or internet connections to the City’s internal internet will be made from any
Parks & Recreation phone or data lines, and no one will be permitted in Parks & Recreation offices without
expressed consent of the Parks & Recreation staff. Please be prepared for your event. Reservation fees do
not cover charges for faxes, copies, etc.
The Parks & Recreation staff or designee, where good cause is shown therefore, shall have the authority to consider
any application hereunder which is filed less than fourteen (14) days before the date such event permit is proposed to
be conducted.
Refusal of a facility use park permit: Pursuant to Laramie Municipal Code, Chapter 12.48.080; Within fifteen days
after receipt of an application, the Director of Parks and Recreation or designee shall issue the facility use park permit
or shall apprise the applicant in writing of his reasons for denying a facility use park permit, and any aggrieved person
shall have the right to appeal in writing to the City Manager or designee, within fifteen days after the date of such
refusal, who shall consider the application under the standards set forth in Section 12.48.040 and sustain or overrule
the Director of Parks and Recreation or designee decision within fifteen days after receipt of the notice of appeal. The
decision of the City Manager or designee shall be final.
Every effort will be made to accommodate your reservation, however scheduling conflicts may occur.
Consider your reservation finalized only after you receive a confirmation via mail or email. This
usually takes about 5 business days. Refunds will be issued for reservations that the City cannot
Public Events - Fee Information
Whereas the Laramie Community Ice & Event Center and Laramie Community Recreation Center are available as a
public venues, and whereas such events charge a ticket price or per-person fee of any kind, remittance shall be the
greater of the above rental fees or 20% of the adjusted gross receipts from the event, or 10% for non-profit events.
Adjusted gross receipts shall mean the proceeds from the sale of admission tickets, net of any applicable taxes or facility
fees. Both the event holder and Parks & Recreation staff retain the right to be present when event is completed and
receipts are tallied. Both parties retain the right to oversee ticket sales and cash registers, if applicable. Tickets
unaccounted for will be charged as full price sales.
Approved 1-2011 – Revised 10-27-2014
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Non- Public Events - Fee Information
Parks Facility Reservation Permit Fees
Park Shelters
$25 per park facility for the first two hours / $5 per facility for every additional hour
1 Street Plaza (rental of the gas fire pit is an additional charge)
$25 per hour for the first two hours / $5 per hour for every additional hour
$10 per hour for the gas fire pit (rental of the 1 Street Plaza is required for all fire pit rentals)
Damage Deposit for the fire pit: $150 (in addition to the damage deposit for the rental of the Plaza)
Undine Splash Pad (only available outside the normal hours of operation)
$40 per hour for the first two hours / $10 per hour for every additional hour
Athletic Facilities
$40 per Athletic facility for the first two hours / $10 per Athletic facility for every additional hour
Damage Deposit:
*up to 25 participants: $50
*26 to 50 participants: $100
*over 50 participants: $150
Damage Deposit for more than one facility or attendance of 200 or more participants: $300
Open Container Permit Fee
$25/per event/facility for a 24 hr period
Ice & Event Center Rental Fee – Without Alcohol:
Complete Area: (off-season only)
Lobby, Concession, Catering Area:
Damage Deposit:
$40/hr (8am-11pm)
$75/hr (11pm-1am)
$20/hr (8am-11pm only)
Ice & Event Center Rental Fee – With Alcohol (open container permit required):
Complete Area:(off-season only)
$50/hr (8am-11pm)
$85/hr (11pm-1am)
Lobby, Concession, Catering Area:
$30/hr (8am-11pm only)
Recreation Center Rental Fee:
Conference room
$35/hr Members
$10/hr Kitchen
Multi-purpose room #1 or #2(by pool) $40/hr
$35/hr Members
Full Multi-purpose
$65/hr Members
Full gym
$60/hr Members
One Court
$30/hr Members
Pool Shelter
$35/hr Members
Full facility (not including aquatics)
$380/hr Members
Damage Deposit:
50% reduction of conference room and multi-purpose rooms for not-for-profit organizations (no alcohol)
Recreation Center Pools (indoor/outdoor & 8 lane) Fee:
0-75 persons
$165/hr Members
76-100 persons
$193/hr Members
101-150 persons
$220/hr Members
If you would like your receipt emailed in addition to being mailed please provide your email address
here: ________________________________________________________________________________
Payment Information
Facility Charges: ____________ Open Container Permit Fee: _________
Damage Deposit: ___________ Check #________ (cash or check only)
(Any checks or vouchers left as a damage deposit will be destroyed if not picked up within 10 business days
following the scheduled event.)
[ ] Cash
[ ] Check # _________ payable to “City of Laramie” [ ] Visa/MasterCard
Signature of Applicant____________________________________________________________________________
Print Name___________________________________________________________________Date___/____/_____
Approved 1-2011 – Revised 10-27-2014
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