Name: G# Class ______ Kate`s “This I Believe” Critique Form

Name: _________________________ G# ______________ Class _________
Kate’s “This I Believe” Critique Form
Please look over your recorded speech a couple of times and answer the following
questions, printing your answers below. Turn in to Orange Folder.
Does the essay itself create a strong impression? How does it achieve its effect?
Identify some examples of strong word choices and quote them below:
Describe the vocal delivery of the lines, considering volume, projection, rate, pitch, tone,
accent, cadence, pausing, emphasis. Quote one or two lines that you felt were read
especially well.
Describe how the speaker handled the manuscript (black book) and (if used) page
Describe how the speaker used facial expressions, posture, tensiveness (energy in body),
movement (blocking), gestures, attire to complement the essay.
What was the percentage of time the speaker looked at the audience: _______ %