II. Information for Filing Form I

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International Visitors and Academic
Experiences Program
University of Puerto Rico
Rio Piedras Campus
Deanship of Academic Affairs
University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, Deanship of Academic Affairs
II. Information for Filing Form I-129 (extension)
A. Information about the person(s) you are filing for:
1.Family Name
2. Given name
3.Full Middle Name
4. All Other Names Used (include maiden name and names from all previous marriages if apply)
5. Has the visitor submitted a petition for a permanent residency?
If you answered yes, When? (mm/dd/yyyy)
6. If the person is in the United States, and is filing for Extension or Change of Status complete the following:
7. Date Last Arrival (mm/dd/yyyy)
8. I-94 #(Arrival/Departure Card)
9.Passport Number
10. Date passport Issued (mm/dd/yyyy)
11.Date passport expires (mm/dd/yyyy)
B. Foreign Address:
12. Visitor´s Foreign Address
13. Foreign City
14. Foreign Country
C. Current US Address:
15. Current US Address
16. City
17. Country
D. List the alien´s and any dependent family member´s prior stay in H classifcation in the United States
for the last six years. Please, ask the professor to provide this information.
Subject´s Name
Period of Stay (mm/dd/yyyy)
From (mm/dd/yyyy)
To (mm/dd/yyyy)
From (mm/dd/yyyy)
To (mm/dd/yyyy)
To (mm/dd/yyyy)
E. Information about dependent
If the alien is in H-1B status and needs to extend the period of stay of his/her family they must fill out form I-539.
You may access the form at Immigration Forms and Fees, Form I-539 (http://uscis.gov/graphics/formsfee/forms/
files/i-539.pdf) or you can go to our Foreign Visitors Program webpage at http://daarrp.uprrp.edu/pve/index.htm
and click on related links then go to Immigration Forms and Fees.
F. Signature
Name of Director