Day Camp Paper Registration Form

YMCA Camp Hanes 2016-Day Camp Registration Form
Camper’s Name
Birth date
Age at Camp________________ Male  Female
Camper lives with:
Camper’s Address
___ Both Parents
Home Phone
Cell Phone
Previous number of years at Camp Hanes
___ Father
___ Mother
School attending in Fall 2016
Grade in fall of 2016
___ Guardian
Father’s Name
Mother’s Name
Work Phone
Work Phone
Family E-mail Address
Are you a member of your local YMCA? ____________Branch:__________________________
Emergency Contact (other than parent) REQUIRED
Phone Number
How did you hear about Camp Hanes?
Parents: Did you attend Camp Hanes as a camper or staff?  Yes  No If yes what years?
Does the camper have any special needs?  Yes  No e.g. Asthma, ADD/HD, and physical impairments. Please describe:
Pick Up Policy
Check all sessions that you wish to
attend. Complete both sides of the
registration form and mail or fax it
to the Camp Hanes Office.
Session 1
Member/Non- member
June 13-17
Session 2
June 20-24
Session 3
June 27-1
A $50.00 non- refundable deposit
(except for accident or illness) per
session, which is part of the total
camp fee, is required for this
registration form to be processed
and your child’s spot reserved.
Verification from a physician must
accompany cancellations.
Session 4
July 4-8
Session 5
July 11-15
Session 6
July 18-22
Session 7
July 25-29
Session 8
Aug 1-5
Session 9
Aug 8-12
If you have any questions feel free
to give us call during regular
business hours (8:00am-5:00pm
(336) 983-4624-fax
[email protected]
I hereby acknowledge that the YMCA will assume that either
parent of the child may pick up the child at any time during the
program unless there is sufficient court documentation on file at
the Branch that indicates otherwise. Code word and valid id are
required when picking up camper.
Authorization to Release Custody of Child to another individual: I
hereby authorize the Branch to allow the following individual(s)
to pick up my child:
Teen Leadership Program (13-14 years of age)
Campers may choose one three week session.
Persons NOT authorized to VISIT and/or PICK UP my child:
Session 1
Sessions 1-3 $320/$350
. Bus Stops
Session 2
Sessions 4-6 $320/$350
Session 3
Sessions 7-9 $320/$350
Pick Up Time
___ William G White YMCA 6:50-7:10 am
___ Robinhood YMCA
7:00–7:15 am
___ Fulton Family YMCA
6:50-7:20 am
Drop off Time
5:30-6:00 pm
5:20-6:00 pm
Code Word for Pickup: ______________________________________________________
PARENT / GUARDIAN AGREEMENT – Please read and sign
Payment Method
Check (Please make payable to YMCA Camp Hanes)
The Program Director reserves the right to decline the application of any child, or send
home any child who, according to the Director’s discretion, is not a desirable associate for
the other campers, or puts him/herself or others at risk.
Photographs will occasionally be taken of the children during the Program. I, the
undersigned, consent to the use of pictures of my child for displays, brochures, and
promotional materials with no compensation to my child or me.
I, the undersigned, give my permission for my child to leave the Camp Grounds with
authorized Branch staff for scheduled trips and outings.
Acknowledgement of Risk of Injury/Release and Waiver. I acknowledge and understand
that there may be a risk of injury involved in the activities, which my child will engage in
during the program. In consideration of the Branch allowing my child to participate in the
Program and various field trips which may be taken from time to time, I hereby agree to
release, waive, discharge, covenant not to sue, hold harmless, and indemnify, on behalf of
respective officials, agents, employees, directors, members, officers and other staff
members from liability to us and our child, as well as our personal representatives,
assigns, heirs and next of kin, for any and all claims, suits or causes of action arising from
or out of any injury, known or unknown, to property or body, that my child may suffer
from participation in YMCA activities, field trips or the above described Program; and do
hereby expressly assume the risk of injury associated with participation in said Program.
I, the undersigned, have read this release and understand all of its terms. I execute it
voluntarily and with full knowledge of its meaning and significance.
Certification of Ability to Participate and Medical Authorization. I, the undersigned, hereby
certify that to the best of my knowledge, my child is able to safely participate in the
Program activities for which he or she has been registered.
I, the undersigned, understand that in the case of illness or injury of my child the Branch
will try to notify me or the emergency contact listed on the Program Registration form. In
the event of a medical emergency concerning my child at a time when either I or the
emergency contact person cannot be notified, I hereby authorize Branch officials or my
child’s caregiver, as applicable, to obtain necessary medical care and/or treatment,
including but not limited to first aid, X-Ray, examinations, and aesthetic, medical or
surgical diagnosis or treatment or hospital care and I hereby accept the sole financial
responsibility for such medical care, first aid or treatment.
I agree to have my child examined by a physician within 24 months prior to their
participation in the Program.
Parent/Guardian Signature:
Print Parent/Guardian Name:
Master Card
Card #
Name on Card
Amount to be charged
Security Code
Computation Area
Number of Session(s) chosen
Number of Session(s) X $240/$270
($320/$350) Teen Leadership
Partner with Youth Donation (Help send a child to
Exp Date.
Total Fee
Payment Enclosed (Must be all deposits for chosen
Balance Due
Our Parent Pack will be mailed to you once this registration form
has been received. It will contain: Camper Confidential Form,
Camper Health History Form, Family Handbook (What to bring etc),
directions to camp, and more. ALL FORMS AVAILABLE ONLINE!
Please fill these forms out completely and return them to our office
as soon as possible.
You must have your child examined by a physician within 24 months
prior to their participation in our programs.
Call for information on setting up a Payment Plan for your
registration fees at (336) 983-3131.
Send registration form to:
YMCA Camp Hanes
1225 Camp Hanes Rd.
King, NC 27021
P 336-983-3131
F 336-983-4624