Flagstar Bank Mailing Address Change Form for Loans Section 1

Flagstar Bank
Mailing Address Change Form for Loans
Use this form to change the mailing address on your Flagstar Bank Loan(s) only. (Not for Bank Accounts)
Fax completed form to (888) 848-1071 (Do not attach a Cover Sheet)
Mail completed form to:
Flagstar Bank,
Attention – Mailing Address Change
Mail Stop S-115-3
5151 Corporate Drive
Troy, MI 48098-2639
Section 1 New Mailing Address (Please PRINT IN CAPITAL LETTERS)
Street Address: ____________________________________________________________________
City: ____________________________________________________________________________
State: ___________________________________________________________________________
Zip Code: _______________________________
Daytime Telephone Number: (_________) ____________ - ___________________ ext. ______________
Section 2 List all loans to which you want the new mailing address to apply.
Loan Number:
Loan Number:
Loan Number:
Section 3
If there is more than one borrower on the loan, then at least two borrowers must sign this form to
authorize this mailing address change.
If any loan listed in section 2 is a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) that closed within the last year, your ability to
draw on that HELOC may be suspended. Your signature below constitutes your acknowledgment of and consent to this
Borrower’s Social Security Number:
Print Borrower’s Name: __________________________________________________________
Signature: ____________________________________________________ Date: ___/____/_____
Co-Borrower’s Social Security Number:
Print Co-Borrower’s Name: _______________________________________________________
Co-Borrower’s Signature: __________________________________________ Date: ___/____/_____