FEEDBACK FORM - Atherley House Surgery

Be Alcohol Aware
Men and women are advised not to regularly drink more than 14
units a week. Spread your drinking over three days or more if you
drink as much as 14 units a week. If you regularly drink more than
this please make an appointment to see the doctor or nurse for advice
on how to cut down. There is also a lot of information available at
June 2016
Welcome to our quarterly newsletter.
Do you suffer from hay fever?
The hay fever season is upon us. Are
you aware you do not need an
appointment with the doctor for hay
fever medication? There are a range of
products available over the counter
from any pharmacy. If you have this
on your repeat medication list then
please put in a request as you would
any other medication.
It will be
available within two working days. If you have not had this before
but need to discuss your symptoms with a doctor then please book a
telephone consultation whereupon you will be given advice over the
phone. If you are eligible for free prescriptions (under 16 years of
age, over 60 years of age or in reception of certain benefits) you can
always attend at a chemist who offers the ‘Pharmacy First’ service and
they can supply you with medication there. Local to our surgery
would include:
Pharmacy Direct in Shirley Road
Boots The Chemist in High Street, Shirley or Above Bar
Lloyds Pharmacy in Grove Road or Shirley Precinct or
Tesco pharmacy at Tebourba Way.
Worried about your child’s Health?
Healthier Together is a new
website and app developed by
local healthcare professionals for
parents and carers.
It provides information about what
might be wrong, what to do and
where to go for help. Find them
online at or
download the free app 'Wessex
Healthier Together'.
If you are viewing this newsletter online then please click on this link
for a copy of our useful booklet on assessing your child’s health.
Did you know?
We offer a full range of online services to our patients. You can book
and cancel appointments, order your repeat medication, view
vaccinations and apply for access to your detailed coded information.
To do this you will need to ask at the desk for an application form,
provide photographic ID and the staff will then be able to provide you
with a unique username and password to access online services. If
you want just the ability to book appointments and order medication
you will be able to start this immediately (within a couple of hours of
registering) but should you tick for detailed coded records this will
take up to 21 days to be granted as a healthcare professional will
have to go through your records in order to approve and grant access.
A GP can sometimes refuse to disclose information if, for example, the
information you have asked for contains data that relates to another
person. You would then be notified when this aspect of the service is
available or if this is not possible.
Please note that if you are a parent/guardian of a child and would like
to use online services on their behalf you are entitled to apply for
proxy access to their records but this will only be possible until they
reach their 11th birthday when this will cease (in line with national
guidance). The child would then be able to apply for their own online
services account when they reach the age of 16 as long as it is felt
they have the capacity to do so.
Friends & Family
As always, we monitor the Friends & Family Test feedback provided
on a regular basis from you. Please do complete a quick
questionnaire each time you wish to comment on the service we have
provided and either pop the slip into the box on the reception desk or
go online at [email protected] We do appreciate
the time our patients take to let us know their views.
Travel Vaccinations
If you require any vaccinations relating to foreign
travel you will need to fill in a travel form which
you can get from our website or at reception. This
will ask which countries and areas within countries
that you are visiting to determine what
vaccinations are required. The nurse will ring you once she has
reviewed the information provided in that form to make you an
appointment to discuss further and give the necessary vaccinations.
We can provide certain travel vaccinations free of charge under the
NHS. We do not provide yellow fever or rabies vaccinations at this
practice and you will be directed to a Travel Clinic for these.