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This form serves as an appeal for reinstatement of my federal financial aid. I understand that I have not met the
Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Standards at Iona College during my last enrollment period and I would like to
appeal the decision due to personal mitigating and/or extraordinary circumstances. I also understand that I am not
eligible for financial aid unless I receive written approval of this request for reinstatement of financial aid.
With this appeal form, I am requesting reinstatement of aid for (indicate year):
Fall __________ Spring __________
Have you submitted a SAP appeal previously? No
 Yes
Please respond to both of the following requests in a typed document:
1. Describe legitimate circumstances that prevented you from meeting the required SAP standards (i.e. medical
emergencies, long term illness, death in the family, or other extenuating personal situations) and the ways in which this
unavoidable circumstance prevented you from fulfilling your academic responsibilities. Please attach documentation or
evidence of your circumstances (i.e.: letter from physician, counselor, therapist, academic advisor, hospital
documentation, etc).
2. Outline an action plan that you intend to take to improve your academic performance and how you plan to earn the
credits/grades necessary to make Satisfactory Academic Progress (GPA requirement). Please attach documentation (i.e.:
schedule of summer/winter classes, tutoring/study plan, and/or work, change of major, letter from academic
advisor/faculty members, etc).
Your signature below indicates that all of the information and documentation you have provided pertaining to this appeal is true
and complete to the best of your knowledge.
STUDENT SIGNATURE _______________________________________________Date __________
Iona E-mail _________________________
Student ID:______________
Cell # _______ _______ _______
Deadline: SAP Appeal Forms must be received by July 1. Return this completed form, with documentation to: Student Financial
Services Office, McSpedon Hall OR email [email protected] or By fax: (914)885-1065. Students will be notified of a decision within a
month of the July 1 deadline.