If you are choosing to enroll in an Advanced Placement (AP) course(s), please complete and submit this
agreement with your registration form and AP Form B.
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The Advanced Placement Program is an academic program of college-level courses for high school students.
Students enrolled in an AP course take the College Board AP Exam and have an opportunity to earn college
credit and/or advanced standing based on AP exam scores. Each college’s policy is different but most require a
minimum AP score of a 4 or 3 to receive college credit. We recommend that students should check their
preferred colleges’ websites for credit criteria. We are delighted that you are considering enrolling in an AP
class, and we desire to provide you with information to facilitate student success in these courses.
AP courses require students to use analytical thinking, reading, writing, and problem-solving skills. The
curriculum for an AP course is challenging and demands more effort, time, and skills than honors or
college preparatory classes. It is important for students to thrive and find the right balance in
commitments. Careful consideration should be given in taking more than 3 AP classes with regards to
the demands of co-curricular activities, employment, community service, etc.
AP courses have summer homework that is essential for preparation and must be completed before the
first day of class. Most AP classes will begin the year with an assessment based upon summer
AP course grades are calculated on the weighted GPA scale. Students with a C- or higher will earn an
additional 1.0 towards their GPA.
Exiting an AP class is limited to the first 6 weeks of the course and at the end of the first semester. This
decision requires parent approval. Exiting an AP class at any other point in the academic year results in
a Withdrawal Fail (WF) on the student’s transcript. If, at the end of the first semester, the student is
earning below a 72%, the student will be encouraged to discontinue the AP course.
AP students are required to take the respective AP Exam in May and a fee of $91 is required for each.
The following entrance criteria are in place to support successful performance in AP level courses:
Successful completion of pre-requisite work (eg: “A” in Pre-Calculus for AP Calculus AB).
Current or previous successful performance in correlated academic subject areas (eg. Concurrent
enrollment in AP Calculus for AP Physics C).
Current teacher recommendation (current teacher supports AP selection).
AP teacher approval (pre-requisites are verified at the end of the 2015-16 academic year). If requests for an AP class are greater than the number of spaces available, the Academic Counselor and
AP teacher will determine placement based upon a students’ need to meet graduation requirements, their
performance in the pre-requisite class, as well as their overall academic performance. Your signature verifies that you have read and understand the guidelines pertaining to participation in AP
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` AP Form B - Instructions:
1. Have your current teacher initial your request.
2. Insert grades for pre-requisites that are listed on the form. Transcripts are available from the counseling office.
4. Bring this form and AP Form A to registration.
Grade Level/Class Pre-­‐requisites Current AP Teacher Current Teacher Initials Grade in Pre-­‐Req #1 Sem 1 Grade in Pre-­‐Req #1 Sem 2 Grade in Pre-­‐Req #2 Sem 1 Grade in Pre-­‐Req #2 Sem 2 AP United States History Hajec World & the West AP European History Davis World & the West Daniels, B.Rowe English 10 or Honors English 10 AP Macroeconomics & AP Microeconomics (must take both for AP credit) Gutschick United States History AP United States Government & Politics Gutschick United States History AP Biology Sorenson Biology & Current Math class Langer Chemistry & Current Math class Wagonaar/Willson Algebra 2/Trig Willson Math -­‐ Pre-­‐Calculus Crockett None AP Calculus AB Anderson/Lowther Pre-­‐Calculus or Hon. Pre-­‐Calculus AP Calculus BC Anderson Pre-­‐Calculus or Hon. Pre-­‐Calculus Blake Pre-­‐Calculus or Honor Pre-­‐Calculus AP English Language & Composition AP Chemistry AP Physics 1: Algebra-­‐
Based AP Physics C: Mechanics AP Computer Science AP Probability & Statistics AP English Literature & Composition Wohlberg/C. Rowe AP French Language & Culture St. George French 4 AP Spanish Language & Culture Alcala Spanish 4 English 11 or AP English Language