The following statements indicate university policy as well as responsibilities TEP candidates must meet to be
eligible for student teaching. Failure to complete any one of these responsibilities prior to the first day of student
teaching will render you ineligible and the student teaching placement will be retracted. Please initial the blank next
to each item to show your understanding of the statement.
I understand the following:
1. It is my responsibility to study and adhere to the requirements of the Teacher Education Program as detailed in
the Teacher Education Handbook, Student Teaching Handbook, and the Illinois Educator Code of Ethics .
2. Completion of this form does not guarantee student teaching placement, as my placement is dependent upon
meeting the requirements outlined in the Teacher Education Handbook.
3. My status in the Teacher Education Program will be reviewed each semester. I will be dropped from the TEP if
my cumulative/major GPA falls below 2.75, my professional education GPA falls below 2.85, if I fail to demonstrate
expected professional behavior and dispositions in the classroom or the field, or other circumstances occur which
may disqualify me from licensure.
4. I must achieve a GPA of 3.0 (cumulative, major, and professional education) by the end of the semester prior to
student teaching to be eligible to student teach.
5. I must consult with my academic advisor(s) each semester to confirm all requirements have been completed
prior to student teaching.
6. I must successfully complete a minimum of 100 field hours prior to student teaching and submit official field
logs documenting these hours.
7. I must receive a passing score on the ISBE content area exam prior to student teaching.
8. I must meet the criminal background check requirements and health requirements of the school district of my
student teaching placement. I am responsible for any and all costs associated with these requirements. If I am
placed in more than one school district, I am responsible for the requirements set by each district.
9. I must provide a copy of my criminal background check results to the Educational Studies office.
10. I am responsible for transportation and transportation costs to and from my student teaching and pre‐student
teaching placements, and I understand that I may be placed up to 50 miles away from Illinois Wesleyan University.
11. I cannot be assigned to a cooperating teacher who is a relative or close friend, nor can I be placed in a school
that I attended.
12. Neither I, nor friends or family members, can arrange my student teaching or other field placements.
13. I am responsible for informing Jennifer Crider, Director of Field Placement, or Andrew Dahan, Head of Music
Education, of any issues or concerns that might affect my field placement.
14. My student teaching placement will not be pursued until my application materials have been received. Late
submissions may result in no placement, and a delay in program completion.
15. To become licensed to teach in the State of Illinois, I must complete the requirements described in the IWU
catalog and the Teacher Education Handbook.
16. I give my permission to the Educational Studies office to share academic progress reports and resume with
any and all prospective placement schools.
17. I understand that I may be asked to participate in a placement interview with school personnel; this interview
may determine if the placement is approved or denied.
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