Student Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement Form

Student Direct Deposit
Authorization Agreement Form
Maryville College offers a direct deposit option for all student employees. Direct deposit allows
convenient and reliable access to your earnings and eliminates any problems associated with
lost/stolen checks or checks issued when classes are not in session. If you are interested, complete
this form to have your earnings deposited directly into the checking or savings account of your
choice. It is your responsibility to verify with your financial institution on your pay date that your
direct deposit was credited to your account. Your pay stub will be placed in your MC mailbox.
Start Direct Deposit
Change My Account
Name (Last, First, Middle Initial)
Stop Direct Deposit
Student ID Number
Name of Bank or Financial Institution
Account Type (Please Check Only One)
Checking Account (please attach a voided check or an account verification letter
from your financial institution)
Savings Account (you must provide routing number and account number)
Transit Routing (ABA) Number (Must be 9 numbers)
Account Number
I authorize Maryville College to direct deposit funds to my account in the financial institution listed above. If funds
to which I am not entitled are deposited in my account, I authorize the College to initiate a correcting entry. I
understand that the authorization may be rejected or discontinued by the College at any time. If any of the above
information changes, I will promptly complete a new authorization agreement. I understand that if I fail to stop my
direct deposit before closing my account, funds payable to me will be returned to the College for distribution. This
will delay my check. This authorization is valid for the entire period during which I am enrolled at Maryville
My signature below acknowledges that the above information is correct and I understand the terms and conditions
of this agreement.