Lamar State College-Orange Microsoft Campus Agreement Staff

Lamar State College-Orange
Microsoft Campus Agreement
Staff/Faculty User Acceptance Form
This software is made available to you because Lamar State College-Orange (LSC-O)
has purchased the Microsoft Campus Agreement Subscription effective October 1, 2003
through September 30, 2004. Lamar State College-Orange is extending to you the right
to use the software for school-related purposes at home. You do not own the license
or the CDs; rather you are leasing the license from Lamar State College-Orange for the
term of the agreement. You will be required to remove the software from your home
machine if the campus agreement is not renewed by Lamar State College-Orange or if
you leave the school. Non-knowledge workers such as maintenance, groundskeepers,
cafeteria, etc., are excluded from Work-at-Home Use Rights if they were not included in
the full-time equivalent calculation when the campus agreement was signed. You are
not licensed to use the software at home for personal purposes.
Work-At-Home Use Rights have been granted by Lamar State College-Orange for only
the following product(s). Please check the Microsoft product that you are requesting
from the library:
___Office Professional 2000
___Office XP
Please initial each statement:
I will read and abide by the license agreement associated with this Software.
I understand that no technical support is provided by LSC-O.
I understand the minimum specifications to run the Software as listed.
I understand that if LSC-O does not renew this agreement or exercise the
buyout option or otherwise purchase perpetual licenses for the Software, then I
must delete or remove the software licensed under this agreement from my
computer at the time the agreement expires or is terminated.
___ I understand that I am not licensed to use the software for personal purposes.
Staff/Faculty signature:
Printed name:
Submit this completed form to the library personnel at reference desk