Griswold Communications FILEHOPPER SIGN UP FORM First

Griswold Communications FILEHOPPER SIGN UP FORM
Griswold Communications
607 Main St. Box 640 Griswold IA 51535
Fax #: 712-778-2500
Please fill out this form to order FileHopper.
FileHopper features:
Installs Windows Vista and/or Mac OS 10.5
Easy backup of photos, music, documents and more.
50GB of storage
o Equivalent of about 10,000 5MB songs or about 16,000 3MB photos
250GB of storage available for larger storage needs
Safe 128 bit encryption to keep your files secure.
Automatic and reliable, “Set it and forget it”.
Multiple PC use. Install Online Backup on any number of Windows and Mac computers,
all with the same account.
24/7 Support provided by SecurityCoverage technicians
The link to download the software and the license key for activating it will be sent to you via the email address you supply.
If you have any questions, please contact us at 778-2121 or e-mail at [email protected]
First Name
Last Name
Street Address or P.O. Box
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By Signing this form, I agree to pay a monthly fee of $7.00 per month for 50GB or $15.00 per
month for 250GB of FileHopper (one time $5.00 hook up fee). I also understand that this fee will
be billed to my phone bill.
By Signing below I agree to purchase FileHopper through Griswold Communications as specified
above, and have the charges added to my monthly phone bill. I have received, reviewed,
understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions contained in my License Agreement which is
included in the software download.
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For technical assistance or help with FileHopper installation, please contact Security
Coverage Customer Support toll free at (877)373-3320.