Crown Colony Tenant Registration Form Crown Colony address

Crown Colony Tenant Registration Form
This form must be submitted with a lease or rental agreement. All financial information may be
obliterated from the lease. The form and lease must identify the tenants and the lease dates and
must be submitted at least 72 hours prior to the first day of the lease period. A radio frequency
identification (RFID) decal ($30 each) will be required on vehicles to gain entry to the
community using the automatic gates and a proximity card ($10 each) will be required to enter
the activity center, pool, and pool bathrooms. Each of these items will be valid only during the
rental period. The RFID decal will be applied to the registered vehicles by those authorized to
do so at a prearranged time. Payment for decals and cards will be required at the time of
distribution. If a tenant (or owner for a tenant) does not want to purchase an RFID decal, a 7-day
pass may be issued on a weekly basis for the period up to, but not beyond, the end of the lease.
Every visitor including those on the Permanent Guest/Vendor List entering Crown Colony is
required to present his or her valid driver's license to be granted entry. Residents who may be
coming home via taxi or limousine service also will be asked to present their driver's license as
proof of identity.
A personal identification number (PIN) will be issued to tenants after the Registration Form is
completed and received. The PIN must be used to access the Voice Authorization System by
telephone (239-415-0526) in order to register temporary guests or vendors not on the Permanent
Guest/Vendor list. The Voice Authorization System will prompt you through the selections.
After completing the form, sign and return it as soon as possible by giving it to the Access
Control Officer at the Gate House or faxing it to them at 239-415-0403.
Crown Colony address including condo unit number, if applicable
Street Number
Street Name
Condo Unit
Owner’s Information
Last Name
First Name
Telephone Number
(Include area code)
Tenant’s Information (primary contact)
Last Name
First Name
Telephone Numbe
(Must be tenant’s cell phone
used while in Crown Colony.
Include area code)
Tenant’s e-Mail address
(Please print legibly)
CC Tenant Registration Form v10.doc
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January 8, 2012
First Day of Rental
Last Day of Rental
Other occupants at the property address including children.
Last Name
First Name
Permanent Guest and Vendor List
Last Name
First Name
Last Name
First Name
Tenant’s Vehicle Information (Each decal is $30.)
State of
License Plate
Vehicle #1
Vehicle #2
Vehicle #3
Vehicle #4
ABC 124
For Administrative Use Only
RFID Decal
CC Tenant Registration Form v10.doc
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January 8, 2012
Proximity Card Request
(Each card is $10 each.)
Tenant’s Name
For Administrative Use Only
Proximity Card No.
This form must be signed and dated by the owner and tenant. Do not
send payment for decals or proximity cards at this time. Payment will
be collected when the items are distributed.
CC Tenant Registration Form v10.doc
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January 8, 2012