NORS User Registration Form

Numbering Online Registration System (NORS) User Registration/Termination Form
Please complete and send this form via email to ‘[email protected]’ or fax to 6659 2502.
Company Details
Company Name:
Unique Entity Number (UEN):
Purpose: Add/Remove (please indicate) User
User Details
User Name (Full Name): __________________________________________________
User ID1: _______________________________________________________________
Business Contact Number: ________________________________________________
Business Fax Number: ____________________________________________________
Business Email Address: __________________________________________________
User’s Consent (please sign off)2: ___________________________________________
For SingPass users, please enter your NRIC number.
Please read and understand the Note section before signing off.
By submitting this registration form to IDA:
1) the individual as listed above hereby consents to the collection, use, and/or disclosure of his/her personal data acquired by IDA for the
purposes listed below:
User to register for account in NORS;
User to apply for number(s) in NORS for telecommunication services;
IDA to conduct user account validity check from time to time (if any); and
Any other purpose that may be incidental or ancillary to the above purposes.
2) the individual hereby agrees to release from all liability or responsibility all persons, companies or corporations supplying or receiving
information as a result for the purposes stated in (1).
3) the individual notes that any termination of NORS user account needs to be approved by the company’s Regulatory Head. IDA will only
accept request sent by the company’s Regulatory Head or in cases where the company’s Regulatory Head is copied in the request to IDA.
4) the individual notes that in the event that the NORS user account is deactivated/terminated, he/she will not be able to login to NORS on
behalf of the company to carry out any form of application or update.
5) the individual shall contact [email protected] for further clarification of enquiries.