Non-collusive Affidavit

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By submission of this bid or proposal, the bidder certifies that:
a) This bid or proposal has been independently arrived at without collusion with any other bidder or with any competitor or potential
b) This bid or proposal has not been knowingly disclosed and will not be knowingly disclosed, prior to the opening of bids or proposals for this
project, to any other bidder, competitor, or potential competitor;
c) No attempt has been or will be made to induce any other person, partnership, or corporation to submit or not to submit a bid or proposal or to
fix overhead, profit, or cost element of said bid price, or that of any other or to secure any advantage against the Housing Authority;
d) The person, signing this bid or proposal certifies that he has fully informed himself regarding the accuracy of the statements contained in this
certification, and under the penalties of perjury, affirms the truth thereof, such penalties being applicable to the bidder as well as to the person
signing in its behalf;
e) That attached hereto (if a corporate bidder) is a certified copy of the resolution authorizing the execution of this certificate by the signator of
this bid or proposal in behalf of the corporate bidder.
______________________________, deposes and says that he is ___________________________
the party making the foregoing proposal or bid for ___________________________________(Project description), that such proposal or bid is
genuine and not collusive and that all stats herein are true.
Bidder (if the bidder is an Individual
Partner ( if the bidder is a Partnership)
Officer (if the bidders is a Corporation)
Subscribed and sworn to before me this __________ day of _____________, __________.
My commission expires: ______________________.
Notary Public