Please Note: Use this form if a semester or more has elapsed between the semester you were suspended and the semester to which
you are applying for readmission. Students who have been suspended from the University twice are not eligible for readmission to
UNC. A second suspension is a permanent suspension from future enrollment at UNC.
Deadlines for readmission appeals are posted at Late appeals will
not be considered.
Name: _________________________________
Bear Number: _______________________________
Phone: _________________________________
BearMail Address: ___________________________
Last semester and year attended UNC: _________________
UNC Major: ________________________________
Do you plan to change your major? No ___ Yes ___ If yes, what will your new major be? ______________________
Have you attended another school since attending UNC? No ___ Yes ___
 If yes, attach transcript(s). Official transcripts are required for June deadline. Unofficial transcripts will be
accepted for October, November, and March deadlines. Include even if courses are currently in progress.
Appeals without transcripts will not be considered.
 Name of School(s): __________________________________________________________________
Answer the following questions and include additional comments you feel are pertinent in the consideration of your
appeal. A successful appeal will grant you one additional semester at UNC. All supporting documentation from third
parties or other sources must be submitted with this form by the deadline.
1) What were the circumstances that caused your poor academic performance? Please enclose appropriate
documentation if applicable.
2) What indications do you have that these circumstances will not reoccur, or if they were to reoccur, how do you
anticipate preventing them from affecting your future academic performance?
3) What steps will you take if readmitted to ensure your academic success (2.00 cumulative GPA) in the future?
Include a specific plan of action to attain academic success that you will implement if your appeal is approved.
By signing below, I have read and understood the “Students Guide to Readmission Appeals” found here: By signing below, I also understand my rights as a
student and the university’s “duty to report” any information that may have been provided in my appeal. By signing
below, I give the Academic Review Committee permission to review all of my educational records at UNC, including but
not limited to my academic and conduct records.
Your completed appeal should be emailed to [email protected] Documents you are unable to send electronically
may be faxed to 970-351-1052 or hand delivered to the Office of Academic Support and Advising in Michener L-149.
Deadlines for readmission appeals are posted at
Call Academic Support and Advising, 970-351-1391, with questions.
Please note that the Academic Suspension Policy is different from the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress
Policy. Each office has a different appeals process. Contact the Office of Financial Aid at 970-351-2502 for information
about the financial aid suspension process.
Revised 03/2015
Student Guide to Readmission Appeals
The academic standing policy of the University is presented in the UNC catalog. As stated in the policy, students suspended from
UNC may not apply for readmission until the passage of at least one semester, excluding summer and winter interim. Students seeking
readmission to UNC must have successfully completed twelve semester hours with a 2.00 cumulative grade point average at another
accredited institution, or have presented other evidence of potential future academic success in order to be readmitted. A student who
has attended other institutions since suspension from UNC must furnish the Office of Academic Support and Advising with transcripts
from those institutions, even if classes are in progress. Official transcripts are required if applying for the June Readmission
deadline. Unofficial transcripts will be accepted if applying for October, November, or March Readmission deadlines. Without
transcripts, the appeal will not be reviewed. A second academic suspension is considered a permanent suspension from future
enrollment at UNC.
Guidance for students and procedures for review of student appeals are presented in the following paragraphs. Attending
another institution does not guarantee readmission to UNC. A successful appeal will grant the student one additional
semester of probation to raise his/her cumulative GPA to a level of 2.0 or higher to return to good academic standing.
A. Student Responsibilities
The student must file an appeal on a form available from the Office of Academic Support and Advising (ASA) and
must meet the deadline noted on the ASA website. Accurate bear number, phone number and BearMail address must
be provided. Students are encouraged to discuss appeal content with appropriate campus staff. For example, faculty
may assist in providing documentation, and/or endorsing a student’s plan of action. ASA advisors are another source
of assistance in preparation and review of an appeal prior to the deadline date. All supporting documentation,
including correspondence from third parties, must be included with the appeal and submitted by the deadline. ASA
will forward the appeal to the Academic Review Committee members for review. Late appeals will not be accepted
by the committee.
Should a student’s appeal be granted, he/she must comply with the conditions set by the Academic Review
Committee. One such condition will require the student to raise his/her cumulative GPA to a 2.0 or higher in
one additional semester. If this condition is not met, the student will be academically suspended from UNC. Such a
student may, under the provisions of the scholastic standards policy, immediately appeal the second suspension using
the appeals procedure. If the appeal is denied the suspension will be permanent. Another condition requires the
student to meet with the Office of Academic Support and Advising staff during the probationary semester. In
addition, it is strongly recommended that the student meet with the advisor in their major department. There may be
additional conditions set by the committee.
B. Office of Academic Support and Advising Responsibilities
The Office of Academic Support and Advising will distribute and collect appeal forms. An appeal that is not received
by ASA by the applicable deadline will not be considered by the committee. ASA staff are available to answer
questions for students preparing readmission appeals. In addition, ASA sets dates, times, and locations of committee
ASA will add a student’s unofficial UNC transcripts to the back of his/her appeal packet. In addition, ASA will
provide the following information to the Academic Review Committee concerning each student who has submitted an
appeal: cumulative GPA; semester GPA needed to reach a 2.00; semester GPA with 12 credit hours needed to achieve
a cumulative GPA of 2.00; best semester GPA to date; academic suspension history; and whether a student is eligible
for Fresh Start. ASA will distribute appeals to the Academic Review Committee for their consideration.
ASA will have a representative present at all meetings of the Academic Review Committee and will assume the
responsibility of notifying the student of committee actions and conditions therein. Students will be notified of the
committee’s determination at the phone number and bear mail address provided on the Readmission Appeal Form.
ASA serves in an advisory capacity to the appeals committee and does not have a vote in any of the proceedings.
Revised 03/2015
C. Academic Review Committee Responsibilities
The Academic Review Committee is comprised of a representative from each college and the Dean of Students
Office. Each committee member shall review appeals for purposes of preparing a recommendation for the committee
as a whole. Although each student appeal is unique, in general a readmission appeal will be examined for:
completion of at least twelve semester hours at another accredited institution. Academic performance at the other
institution that suggests a reasonable possibility that the student will attain a 2.00 cumulative GPA if given one
additional semester at UNC. One example of such evidence is a comparison of GPA needed in one semester and
recent semester GPAs. The academic rigor of classes taken at the other institution will be a factor in the decision
of the committee.
evidence that the student has identified and addressed the reasons leading to poor academic performance. A
faculty/program advisor and/or instructor may also be able to add additional context concerning previous poor
academic performance.
a specific and realistic academic plan. Refer to “Tips for Writing a Readmission Appeal.”
conditions applicable to the Fresh Start Program for Freshmen or Returning Students.
evidence that there is a significant probability of the student returning to at least a 2.00 cumulative GPA if granted
one additional semester of probation.
Committee members may choose to approve or deny a student’s appeal. All actions of the committee will be decided
by majority vote of the membership. A tie vote shall be deemed to signify granting of the appeal. Proceedings of the
committee relative to academic readmission are privileged and are not available for general discussion or distribution.
Committee decisions are final. All appeals files shall remain with the Office of Academic Support and Advising
following committee action.
Committee members are encouraged to make themselves available for consideration of appeals. In the event that a
committee representative is unable to attend, he or she may identify a replacement. Otherwise, the committee will
proceed without absent members.
D. Sexual Misconduct/Title IX Statement
UNC is legally obligated to investigate disclosure of sexual misconduct (including, but not limited to sexual assault,
sexual harassment, stalking, and intimate partner violence). If you disclose an incident of sexual misconduct or
violence, whether you are the victim, the alleged, or an individual with knowledge of such misconduct, we have an
obligation to report it to UNC’s Title IX Coordinator. Examples of disclosure may include communication in-person
to an advisor or staff member, via email/phone/text message, or through your written appeal. Once a disclosure is
received UNC may be obligated to initiate a formal investigation which may include contacting the reporting party,
the alleged, and campus or community law enforcement agencies.
If you wish to speak confidentially about an incident of sexual misconduct, please contact the UNC Counseling
Center (phone/website) or the Assault Survivors Advocacy Program (ASAP). Information reported to these offices
will not be reported and will remain confidential.
The University Counseling Center
(970) 351-2496
The Assault Survivors Advocacy Program (ASAP)
24 hour hot line at (970) 351-4040
If you would like to learn more about sexual misconduct or report an incident, please visit The University of Northern Colorado prohibits and will not tolerate sexual
misconduct or gender-based discrimination of any kind.
Revised 03/2015
Tips on Writing your Readmission Appeal
Getting ready to write an appeal:
1. Gather documentation to support reasons for poor academic performance. Examples include physician’s record,
funeral announcement, police reports, accident reports, disability documents, proof of working with a campus office,
letter of support from current faculty if enrolled at another institution, prior UNC faculty, advisor, and/or family.
2. Meet with a faculty/program advisor and/or instructors to discuss academic performance and create your plan of
3. Research all resources you can utilize to return to good standing (2.00 cumulative GPA).
4. Type your entire appeal to make it look professional and organized.
5. Be detailed, descriptive, and specific.
Contents of an appeal packet:
1. Include the Readmission Appeal Form as the top page of your appeal packet. Accurate bear number, phone number
and BearMail address must be provided.
2. Address the areas of the appeal one by one:
First, explain the circumstances that caused your poor academic performance. Reference each piece of documentation
included with your appeal in your appeal letter. In addition, reference your UNC academic record and/or additional
transcripts when appropriate.
Second, describe the evidence you have that these circumstances will not reoccur, or if they were to reoccur, how you
could prevent them from affecting your future academic performance. Address the changes that have been made by
answering the following questions:
 Has the issue been resolved?
 If yes, how has the situation been resolved?
 If not, how is the situation being managed?
Third, address steps you will take to ensure your academic success (2.00 cumulative GPA) in one additional semester
if you are readmitted. Using specific examples, address any of the following areas that are pertinent to your plan:
 Number of credit hours and specific classes you plan to take if you are allowed to return.
 Semester GPA needed in order to reach a cumulative 2.0 in one semester. If this GPA is higher than recent
semester GPAs, address how you expect to attain the needed GPA.
 Grades needed in each class to return to good standing. What changes might you need to make to attain those
 Goals for the semester and how you will achieve them.
 Short term and long term academic goals.
 Desired major and GPA requirements (for entrance to or remaining in the major).
 Are you working? If you work, how do you plan to balance your job and school?
 Campus resources you might utilize to assist in your success.
 Detailed plan for meeting with your faculty/program advisor and/or instructors throughout the semester.
 Use of UNC academic policies that could help to improve your GPA, such as Course Repeat or Fresh Start.
3. Attach supporting documentation and/or transcripts to the back of your appeal packet. Include transcripts even if you
have courses in progress.
Final Suggestions: Proofread your appeal for correct spelling and use of grammar. Prior to the deadline, consider having
someone proofread for errors, or work with an advisor in ASA to review your appeal.
Please note: If readmitted through the appeal process, the student’s official transcripts will be forwarded to the Office of
Admissions so that credits can be evaluated for transfer and posted to the student’s UNC transcript.
Revised 03/2015