Domain Provider Transfer Form If the above fails, please email this

Domain Provider Transfer Form
If you have exhausted all attempts to contact your current Domain Provider regarding the renewal, domain password or
management of your domain name, you can authorise transfer your domain to a new Domain Provider.
After we have completed this transfer your new Domain Provider can handle the administration of your domain name.
In some cases the transfer is completed across different registry connections and your domain name may be renewed for an
additional period. Once the transfer is complete, eTalk (your new Domain Provider) will send you a new user name and
password for your Domain Name (and online access if subscribed).
Step 1: Select your new domain name provider
Netregistry (incurs renewal/transfer fee)
A TPP Wholesale authorised Domain Provider OR Domain Provider ID _ETA-14___________
Step 2: Reason for Transfer
Hosting with my designer ensures ease of compliance as well as streamlined administration
Step 3: Enter your domain name and domain password (Additional domains attach to a company letterhead with password)
Domain Name:
Domain Password/Authcode/EPP
Step 4: Approve additional services disclaimer
TPP Wholesale only provides transfer of domain name control, any additional services such as email or web hosting will be
cancelled/deleted prior to any transfer of the above domain name(s).
I understand the all associated services will be cancelled prior to transfer of my domain name(s).
Step 5: Enter your new account details
Contact Name:
Step 6: Sign and Print this document on a company letterhead
Please allow up to 5 business days for requests to be approved correct documents have been provided. A reseller has the right
to refuse a split request – if this is the case you will be provided with the domain authorisation password only.
Signature: _______________________
Date: _________________________
Step 7: Send the completed form to the TPP Wholesale Compliance department
Please scan this completed form & supporting documentation to [email protected] OR Please fax this completed form
& supporting documentation to: +61 2 8580 6251.
If the above fails, please email this completed form & supporting documentation to [email protected]