PHHS Sixth Form Induction Day Booklet 2016

Sixth Form Induction
Tuesday 22nd June
Information Booklet
Welcome to Prince Henry’s High School Induction Day. We hope that you will
have a useful day which will enable you to find out more about the subjects that
you will be taking in Sixth Form and the different routines and procedures which
make up Sixth Form life.
The day will be organised as follows:
 Welcome
Mrs Webb
Head of Sixth Form
Mrs Tozer
Head of Year 12
 5 sessions with teachers to experience and discuss AS courses
 ‘Meet the students’ informal presentation by the Senior Prefects
 Informal refreshment breaks
Morning and afternoon break in the Sixth Form Common room:
squash and biscuits provided
Lunch – available to buy in Sixth Form snack bar or for internal
students at Henry’s
 Final session: 2.40pm (ACE)
 Dr Evans
Head teacher
 Making sure that you are prepared for Sixth Form
 Information about exam results and consultation days
The Sixth Form Team works to ensure that you are given all the advice, pastoral care,
information and support that you need to successfully navigate your way through Sixth Form
and to prepare you for the next step in your life.
The Sixth Form Team is made up of:
Mrs C Webb
Head of Sixth Form
Mrs J Tozer
Deputy Head of Sixth Form
(Year 12)
Mr J Martin
Deputy Head of Sixth Form
(Year 13)
Mrs N Tranter
Sixth Form Administrator
Mrs R Johnson
Sixth Form Attendance Officer
Mr C Patterson
Private Study Supervisor
New Style A levels
In most subjects, you will be studying the new style A levels which are designed
predominantly as linear two year courses. However, so that you can make decisions about
which subjects to continue to A2 and to make them compatible with the existing ‘legacy’ AS
and A2 levels you will take the AS exam in these subjects at the end of Year 12. This means
that you will start with FOUR subjects but in most cases you will continue with just THREE
for Year 13. You will be examined on all the material from Year 12 and Year 13 at the end of
Year 13 when you take the full A level.
Advanced Subsidiary Levels (AS) – unreformed subjects:
These will be the first half of an A level course and will be studied over one year, it is usual to
study 4 subjects at AS level.
These form the second part of an A level course and will be studied in Year 13, students
usually choose to continue just 3 of their subjects at A2.
Applied GCE’s (BTEC)
These work in the same way as AS and A2 levels.
2016 – 2017
Block A
Block B
Block C
Block D
Computer Science
English Literature
Resistant Materials
Food Technology
Applied Biology
Business Studies
English Language
Maths Mechanics
Art Textiles
English Language
Film Studies
Religious Studies
Theatre Studies
Business Studies
English Literature
Film Studies
Further Maths
Health & Social
Maths Statistics
Religious Studies
As in the lower school, you will follow a two week timetable with a total of fifty teaching
periods over the fortnight. The way that you will spend this time is shown in the table below.
Option A
Option B
Option C
Option D
The Enrichment Programme
Sport / Volunteering - Weds
Private Study - Supervised
Periods per
Registration takes place between 9.05am and 9.25am every morning in your tutor room,
other than on Friday (assembly) when you register in ACE. Registration is an integral part of
the sixth form programme. You are required to turn up for the whole of the registration period
every day, students who are persistently late will have it noted in their reference.
Registration is an essential part of the school day; as well as formally registering and
receiving messages about the school day you will be required to take part in the tutor
programme. This programme will include study skills and activities designed to contribute to
your personal development. You will be encouraged to take part in discussions and
presentations as part of your induction into independent thinking and learning. Your progress
will be monitored every half-term and your tutor will have regular discussions with you to
review your progress.
We regard the registration period as an essential part of the school day and sanctions will be
implemented if students are persistently late for registration.
Private Study and Homework
You will be expected to do as many hours of work outside of lessons as you do during
lessons. This equates to four or five hours per subject per week; you will not succeed at A
level without a substantial amount of independent learning and wider reading. It is your
responsibility to organise your time carefully. Making good use of your Private Study periods
at school will reduce the amount of work you need to do at home. Working with other people
can also have a beneficial effect and during your supervised private study you will have
opportunities to work on group projects.
As Sixth Form Students we expect you to be able to manage your time effectively, obtaining
the correct balance between study, paid work and social activities. Discussions about time
management and study skills are a part of our sixth form programme of study as a means of
preparing you for further academic study at university or for the world of work.
The school day is from 9.05 am to 3.35 pm – please be punctual. You are expected to
attend full time.
You must attend all lessons: copied up notes are always more difficult to understand than
those you have made yourself. If you miss a lesson due to illness you must take
responsibility for catching up the work you have missed and for completing any homework or
essays that were set when you were absent. Absence is not a reason for not having
completed work.
Sixth form absence procedure: in all cases of absence due to illness parents should
phone Mrs Johnson on 01386 765588 and choose the Sixth Form option or email
[email protected] This needs to happen on the first day of absence
between 8.00am and 1.00pm, and on any subsequent days. A further letter may also be
Requests for leave of absence: absence from lessons causes loss of continuity which can
lead to problems and should therefore be kept to an absolute minimum. Wherever possible,
medical appointments should not be made in school time. Where unavoidable, school must
be informed in advance (details as above for all 6th form absences) or by presenting a copy
of the appointment slip to Mrs Johnson. Subject teachers must be informed, and you should
attend for part of the lesson if timings allow. It is your responsibility to keep up with any work
missed and if an absence is known about in advance you should see your teachers to collect
work. You must ensure that they sign out / back in at the Sixth Form office.
Family holidays should not be taken in term time and requests for such holidays will not be
authorised. Requests for other absences such as for sporting competitions or music exams
should be made in advance via Mrs Johnson in the Sixth Form office, if necessary such
requests can be discussed with the relevant Head of Year.
Illness at school
If you become ill during the day at school or need to go home for any other reason, you
should go to the Sixth Form office and speak to a member of the Sixth Form team. They will
help to decided what is best for you. If you do go home ill, then you must make sure that
Mrs Johnson or Mrs Tranter has marked you out on the register. You will need to bring a
note in when you return to school.
You are allowed to leave the school grounds during lunchtime but must sign out in either the
book that is kept in the kitchen area of the Common Room or on Reception. Please do not
‘hang around’ in town – we expect you to maintain the highest standards of behaviour in the
local community. Once you return you must sign back in.
The Enrichment Programme
Over the two week timetable cycle you will have three periods allocated for the Enrichment
Programme. One session will be allocated to the Electives Programme. Another will be for
the delivery of the Enrichment Programme. This includes outside speakers such as the
Driving Standards Agency and the Police Force. In addition the General Studies lectures will
be delivered; these will help to prepare you for some of the topics for the examination in the
You are not permitted to take holidays during term time and we strongly advise that you do
not plan holidays over Christmas or in May half term as you will be doing mock examinations
at the beginning of January and your AS examinations will be in May and June. When you
have completed your AS examinations you will return to school, usually in the second week
in June to begin continue with the next A level topic or start your A2 courses.
Signing ‘in’ and ‘out’
You are expected to use your time sensibly. When you don’t have lessons you will either be
engaged in SUPERVISED PRIVATE STUDY or working independently around the school. If
you have to leave school for any reason (such as a doctor’s appointment) you must sign
out in the folder that is kept in the kitchen area of the Common Room or the one kept on the
main School Reception. Once you return you must sign back in. This is very important
as we are a full-time Sixth Form and need to know your whereabouts in the event of a fire
alarm or emergency.
AS examinations take place in May and June and cannot be missed; the dates are set by the
exam boards NOT by the school and cannot be changed. Mock examinations in all subjects
will be in early January. In addition there will be a succession of final coursework deadlines
in April and early May
Wednesday Afternoons
There are no lessons on Wednesday afternoons. Everyone is expected to take part in a
sporting activity for part of Wednesday afternoon. There is a choice between competitive
sport and recreational sport; different activities can be engaged in each week. IT IS OUR
department organise a variety of activities both recreational and competitive, any student
who is not doing regular volunteering for teaching or medicine, is expected to bring sports kit
and participate.
Paid Employment
Keep a sensible balance between academic work, social life and paid employment (if any).
Any paid employment in excess of 10-15 hours per week has a direct effect on your grades
at AS and A level. If you are doing paid hours of 20 hours or more a week, you are no
longer counted as a full time student. Long term, good A level results will enhance your
employment prospects.
Private Study
In Year 12 most students will have approximately 7 periods of non-teaching time over the 2week timetable. These are not free periods but private study periods. During supervised
private study you will work under the supervision of a teacher in the Private Study Room (the
PRH). You are expected to bring work to do. A number of laptops are available to use and
students doing practical subjects can arrange to work in departments. Even if you feel that
you have no specific tasks to do there is always background reading to do or past papers to
AS levels require a lot of hard work and energy, many of you will face work that for the first
time in your lives you do not immediately understand; success will come to those who battle
to understand and who seek help when required.
The remaining period(s) are unsupervised. You may leave the school site but must sign out
and in.
We expect our Sixth Formers to uphold the highest standards of behaviour at all times.
Remember that you are role models for pupils in the lower school and should behave
sensibly and responsibly.
Sixth Formers are allowed to use mobile phones BUT this must be confined to the Sixth
Form area only. You are not allowed to walk around the main school using your phone. If
you do, we will confiscate it for the day.
There are more details of our expectations about conduct in your student learning agreement
and the Sixth Form handbook. Please read these documents really carefully.
In return teachers will do their utmost, both in and out of lessons, to help you to maximise
your potential, BUT remember ultimately your success depends upon how hard you work
A full list can be found in the school prospectus but please remember the following:
Nose studs, other piercings or more than one pair of earrings are not allowed.
Girls must wear a navy skirt purchased from the School Shop with the school logo
embroidered on it.
Boys must have a blazer. Alternative jackets are not acceptable.
Denim or leather jackets are unsuitable for school as coats.
The only jumpers or cardigans allowed are the navy Sixth Form jumpers stocked at
the School Shop.
Extremes of hair style or dramatic colour changes are not allowed; specifically hair
should not be dyed ‘unnatural’ colours.
No colourful scarves.
Boys must be clean shaven; beards and other facial hair are not allowed.
Trainers are not acceptable.
High heels are dangerous in a school environment and should be avoided. Shoes
should be black and flat.
Boys must wear formal black trousers; jean-style trousers are not acceptable.
The Sixth Form Centre offers excellent facilities and a very pleasant environment. We want
you to make the most of them but this also requires accountability and responsibility on your
behalf. Therefore:
The Common Room must be kept tidy, use the bins for rubbish.
Any damage to furniture or fixtures will have to be paid for.
No eating or drinking will be allowed in the Study Room (S5) or IT Suite.
The Study Room is for working so an atmosphere conducive to learning needs to be
Remember when entering and leaving the Sixth Form area to be aware of noise.
There will be lessons going on in A-Block.
The Sixth Form coffee bar, ‘Little Henry’s’, in the common room is open between
10.30am and 2.00pm for students to purchase, hot drinks, snacks and lunch food.
In order to come to Prince Henry’s Sixth Form you must meet our entry requirements. The
general entry requirement is 3 C grades and 2 B grades (and these must include English
Language and Maths at least to C grade); however most subjects have their own entry
requirements. If you don’t meet these criteria you will not be allowed to take the subject.
Results Day is on Thursday 25th August. Results can be collected from 9.00 am
onwards. (If you are going to be away on holiday leave a stamped addressed
envelope in the school office).
With your results you will find a slip informing you how to complete your A level option
choices. This should be done as soon as possible and certainly NO LATER THAN
WEDNESDAY 30th AUGUST at 9.00am. If further advice is needed, please attend
one of the consultation periods. (See below).
N.B. If you do not return this form you will not have a timetable on your first day.
Senior Staff will be available for consultation between 9.00am – 1.00pm on the
following dates:
Thursday 25th August
9.00am – 1.00pm
Friday 26th August
9.00am – 2.00pm
All students who are not presently in Year 11 at PHHS must attend a consultation day
and bring a copy of their exam results on Friday 26th August.
Please come to these sessions for advice if you do not get the grades you were
expecting or are unsure about your option choices.