36PX, 000053811, O-6
DPC Civilian Personnel
Civ Psnl Officer, GS-0201-13, 0000153911, 36PX
Secretary (OA), GS-0318-05, 0000154011, 3D0X1
DPCS Staffing Branch
* (1) Supv HR Spec (Staffing), GS-0201-XX, 36PX
(5) HR Spec (Staffing), GS-0201-11, 3U0X1
0000154411, 0000154511, 0000154611,
0000154711, 0000154811
(2) HR Technician (Staffing), GS-0203-09, 3U0X1
0000155611, 0000155711
DPCC Classification Branch
(1) Supv HR Spec (Class), GS-0201-12, 36PX
(4) HR Spec (Class), GS-0201-11, 3U0X1
0000154911, 0000155011, 0000155111,
(2) HR Technician (Class), GS-0203-09, 3U0X1
0000155811, 0000155911
DPCE Employee Relations Branch
(1) Supv HR Spec (EMR/LMR), GS-0201-12, 36PX
(3) HR Spec (EMR), GS-0201-11, 3U0X1
0000155311, 0000155411, 0000155511,
(2) HR Technician (EMR), TSgt, 3U0X1
0000156011, 0000156111
* Position Being Established
Org Chart must:
- Include the organization & Office Symbol of at least one (two for supervisory) reporting level above the position being established or reviewed
- Be final and approved - hand written and proposed organizational charts are not acceptable
- Organizational structure must comply with AFI 38-101, Air Force Organization.
- Include: PAS, Title, Pay Plan, Series, Grade, MPCN, and AFSC for civilians (including NAF employees)
- Include Title, AFSC, Rank, MPCN for military
- Be attached to the RPA using the file name: ORGCHART_MPCN.DOC (where MPCN is the UMD position number). If an ACN is attached, use file name:
ACN_MPCN.XXX (where MPCN is the UMD position number or OVH if for an overhire position and XXX is any appropriate file format)
Current UMD data must match the organization chart. If the UMD does not match the org chart, an ACR must be submitted for the updates and the approved
ACN included in the package. If an ACN is not included in the package, the RPA will be RWOA.