GESB Investment Choice West State Super Form

Investment choice
West State Super
Did you know you can make an investment choice via
Member Online at any time? If you do this in Member
Online, there is no need to complete this form.
This form allows you to change your investment plan for
your West State Super account. GESB does not guarantee
the unit price that will be applicable to your investment
switch. The unit price for your switch will be the unit price
on the second business day following the transaction being
processed. In some instances we may take up to
five business days to process your request.
After your changes to your investment plan have been
processed you will be able to view the new details, including
unit prices in the ‘Your transactions’ page on Member
Online or by contacting your Member Services Centre
on 13 43 72.
Section 1
Your details
GESB member number
Section 2
To find out more about the features of each investment
plan, read the ‘West State Super Product Information
Booklet’ and the ‘Investment choice’ brochure available at
option A or B
Growth plan
My West State Super plan1
Conservative plan
Cash plan
Your total West State Super balance will be allocated to
your chosen investment plan.
Only select Mix Your plan if you don’t wish to select one
of the four Readymade investment plans.
If you choose the Mix Your plan option, you will need to
build your investment mix by choosing 5% multiples in
one or more of the asset classes listed to total 100%.
Asset class Australian Shares
International Shares
Fixed Interest
Your selection must total 100%
If you’re changing your Mix Your plan investment mix,
you’ll cancel any automatic rebalancing election you’ve
previously made. If you want GESB to automatically
rebalance your new investment mix, you will need to
complete Section 3.
(continued over page)
Given name(s)
Postal address
Email address
Telephone – home (
Telephone – work
Telephone – mobile
1 Previously referred to as Balanced plan.
2 Previously referred to as MY plan.
‘Mix Your’ plan2
Surname (family name)
Readymade plan
Date of birth
Select ONE option from the Readymade investment plans:
Choose your investment plan
(in 5% multiples)
Section 3
Rebalancing (optional)
If you’ve selected Mix Your plan in Section 2 (including your
investment mix in 5% multiples), you can elect to
automatically rebalance your Mix Your plan investment mix,
to ensure the percentage held in each asset class remains
the same over time. Select how often you would like this
to occur:
Quarterly (on the 15th of March, June, September
and December)
Twice a year (on the 15th of June and December)
Once a year (on the 15th of June)
If you choose to have automatic rebalancing, we will
rebalance your investment mix on the 15th day of the month
according to the option selected.
You must make a new election to rebalance each time you
change your Mix Your plan investment mix.
Declaration and signature
Section 4
• I have read the ‘West State Super Product
Information Booklet’ and ‘Investment choice’
brochure and understand they serve as general
information only and do not contain personal
financial advice
• I understand GESB will invest my super according
to my choice of investment plan and is not responsible
for my choice
• GESB will endeavour to process my choice of investment
plan(s) within five working days of this form being
received by us
• I understand that once my investment choice request
has been accepted, it cannot be reversed. Any further
investment plan changes that are lodged will only take
effect once the previous request has been completed
Your signature
More information
• W
e will send you a confirmation notice upon completion
of your instructions
• For more information visit or call your
Member Services Centre on 13 43 72
Send your completed form to:
PO Box J 755
Perth WA 6842
Or fax it to:
Facsimile: 1800 300 067
How to contact us
T Member Services Centre 13 43 72
PO Box J 755, Perth WA 6842
F 1800 300 067
Government Employees Superannuation Board ABN 43 418 292 917
GS 1161.3 04/16 ISS2
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