EasyBuild Stakeholder Pension Scheme Investment Profile Form

B&CE EasyBuild
Stakeholder Pension
Choosing where to invest your pension
savings (with 15-year glidepath)
By completing this form, you are choosing to change the investment of your existing pension savings and any future contributions.
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Where I want my pension savings invested
You can decide where your money is invested. You have a choice of three investment profiles, ‘cautious’, ‘balanced’ and ‘adventurous’
(each have a different level of risk) or you can choose the funds your money is invested in yourself (self-select). If your policy started on
or after 1 February 2011 and you have not told us where you’d like your pension savings invested, we will have automatically invested
them in the ‘balanced’ investment profile, which is our default profile.
Our investment profiles gradually and automatically move your pension savings into lower-risk investments as you near retirement.
This process is known as a ‘glidepath’ and it begins 15 years before your selected retirement age. The glidepath does not apply under
the self-select option.
All you need to do is let us know which investment profile you’d like your pension savings invested in by completing and returning this
form. If you wish to use the self-select option, please do not fill in this form. Instead go to your Online Account to find out more about the
funds available and to make your choice.
Investment profile
Cautious (with 15-year glidepath)
Balanced (with 15-year glidepath)
Adventurous (with 15-year glidepath)
Please tick one option
You can self-select and manage your
own investments using your Online
Account. Set up or log on at
Additional information
You can always change your mind in the future and choose a different profile or, for those with more confidence in investing, self-select
your funds – you can do this in your Online Account.
It’s important you know that choosing a different investment profile could affect where your pension savings are invested by moving
them back or forward on the glidepath and into higher or lower-risk funds. Up to two switches each year are free of charge.
Your Declaration
I authorise B & C E Insurance Limited to invest my EasyBuild pension savings, and any future contributions, in the investment profile
I have chosen above.
B & C E Insurance Limited has not provided me with any financial advice in relation to my selected investment profile.
Please sign and date
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It’ll help to keep a copy of this completed form for your own records. We’ll write to let you know once we’ve
processed your form and updated your records.
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Need another form? You can download copies from our Resource Library on our website bandce.co.uk/easybuild.
Or you can call us on 0300 2000 555 and we’ll send you a form.