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1. I, the undersigned
Title (Mr, Mrs, etc.)
Full Name
Carry on business under the name or style of
hereby authorise and request you to
a. open a banking account for me, trading in the name of the said firm;
b. debit the account, from time to time, with all charges consistant to banking practice;
c. i. pay and hold me liable on:
- all cheques promissory notes, bills of exchange and other negotiable instruments payable at your bank purporting to be drawn, made
accepted on behalf of said firm and;
- all agreements, undertakings, indemnities, guarantees and all other documents signed in connection with usual banking transactions and without
prejudice to the foregoing generality, including among others the lodging and withdrawal of monies on fixed deposit or on savings account,
the hypothecation, pledging or cession by the said firm of any of its assets, the issue of letters of credit, drafts and transfers, provided that such
cheques, promissory notes, bills of exchange and other documents are signed by me on behalf of said firm;
ii. debit the above instrument to the said account, whether this account be in credit or otherwise;
iii. accept any instructions by electronic means and treat such instructions as above;
d. regard me a sole propriotor and in said firm until receipt by of a written notice from me to the contrary.
2. I understand that, should the account be in debit, the indebtedness to the bank shall be determined and proven by a written certificate purporting to have
been signed by a manager of any branch of the bank, which certificate shall, upon production thereof, be binding and be prima facie proof of the contents
of such certificates and of the fact that such amount is due and payable.
3. Domicilium
I hereby choose my domicilium citandi et executandi for all purposes arising out of or related to this account or in connection with any ancilliary
arrangement made with the bank in connection with this account.
4. Jurisdiction
I hereby consent to the magistrate hereby having jurisdiction over my person in respect of any claim by Nedbank Namibia Limited which may arise as a
result of the opening of this account, notwithstanding that the quantum of such claim would normally exceed the Magistrates Court jurisdiction, provided
that Nedbank Namibia Limited shall not be obliged to instatute any action in the Magistrates Court, but shall retain the right to to instatute action in the
High Court of Namibia at its discretion.
5. Call-up
The bank shall have the right to at any time or for any reason whatsoseverto call-up any overdraft or loan facilities granted to me, not worthstanding the
fact that the agreed limit of such overdraft of loan facilities has not been exceeded.
6. Cost
I hereby agree to pay all costs as between an attorney and his own client (including collection commision and any other sundry charges) in the event of the
bank being obliged to instatute action against me for the recovery of any debt or damages arising of the operation of this account.
7. I am aware that the use and handling of my account will be subject to such arrangements as the bank may have in regard to the implementation of the
Magnetic Ink Character Recognistion system as coupled with the Automated Clearing Bureau.
8. I authorise you to disclose all information contained herein and/or relating to any of my accounts with the bank to all divisions/companies and other
associated companies in the group, such information to be used at their discretion.
Residential Address
Residential Tel. No.
Type of Business
Business Address
Business Tel. No.
Postal Address
Disposal of statements
Post to Address as Stated
Hold at Counter
Statement Frequency
Full Statement
Period of Employment
Previous Employer
Date of Birth
ID Number
Income per Month
Marital Status
Signed at
On (Date)
(Name and Tel.)
(Name and Tel.)
Authorised Signatory for and on behalf of Sole Proprietorship
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