Signature Date Form February 2002

Office of Procurement
P.O. Box 8795
Williamsburg, Virginia 23187-8795
757/221-2052, Fax 757/221-3959
TDD 757/221-1787
Designation and Responsibilities of Property Administration
Property Administrator,
Name and Department
FROM: Scott Polk, Property Control Manager, College of William and Mary
You have been named as the Property Administrator for your department and are assigned the following
responsibilities outlined below. Accurate recording of all equipment valued at $2000 and greater is very
You, as Property Administrator, are responsible for:
¾ Day to day coordination of the property held in your department;
¾ Maintenance of departmental property records;
¾ Assurance that appropriate and timely notification is made to the Office of Property Control of all
equipment transactions, including but not limited to acquisition of new equipment, moving equipment to
a new location within the department, transferring equipment to another department, transferring
equipment to another agency, transferring equipment to surplus;
¾ Reporting missing or stolen equipment to Campus Police, Property Control, and Risk Management;
¾ Interaction with auditors when equipment reviews are being performed.
¾ Notification to Office of Property Control if another individual within your department must assume the
Property Administrator assignment.
Your signature below certifies that you have read and understand your responsibilities as the property
Please sign and return this assignment form to the Office of Procurement/Property Control, Facilities
Management Building, Lower Level, Grigsby Lane. Retain a copy of the assignment form for your
Form February 2002