client request form

Contact Name:
Details of Project, or nature of your request for assistance from LSG:
1. Please provide a brief summary
(one or two paragraphs) of this
Project, the issues involved and
the desired outcomes.
2. Do you require LSG to DRAFT a
new agreement?
3. Do you require LSG to PERUSE
an agreement from the other
If Yes, please attach:
written specifications for the agreement (the specifications must
provide precise details of the required deliverables and of how
and when the deliverables are required to be provided); and
a written outline of the negotiated terms (including obligations,
pricing, payment arrangement etc).
If Yes, read the document carefully and:
confirm that from a practical point of view it reflects your
understanding of the agreed arrangements for the Project. Is
this the case?
YES / NO (If No, attach details)
will the University have difficulty in complying with its
YES / NO (If Yes, attach details)
4. Are you satisfied as to the
financial viability of the Project?
5. Intellectual Property
Does the Project involve
development of new intellectual
property or use of existing
University intellectual property?
6. Turnaround Time
Provided adequate instructions are
received, LSG will usually be in a
position to provide the requested
service within ten (10) working days
of receipt of instructions.
If you require the service within a shorter timeframe, please outline below
the reasons for the urgency and we will endeavour to reach agreement on a
shorter timeframe.
7. Feedback.
LSG is committed to continuous
Please retain a copy of this form and upon completion provide feedback as
to the adequacy of the services provided in this instance, and any
suggestions for improvement.
If Yes, please provide details:
Approved by:
Deputy Vice-Chancellor/Pro Vice-Chancellor or authorised delegate
(or Executive Director, if Administrative Group)
LSG is required to have authority to carry out work. Please ensure correct approval has been obtained before
submitting work to LSG. If you are unsure of who is approved to sign this form, please contact LSG.
Phone: 53180. Fax: 53047. Email: [email protected]
Building 21; Level 4; Room 5
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