Date of Employment

Social Security Number:
Date of Employment:
Primary Type of Teaching Assignment: (see reverse for requirements)
Any non-transfer course
Technical transfer
Note: If any qualification is based on exceptional experience, a separate document presenting details
must be prepared and authorized by the Program Manager, Division Chair, and Associate Vice
President for Instruction before employment offer is made. In these cases verification of experience
an outside source must also be on file. Qualifications of this nature should be extremely rare.
Specific Teaching Assignment:
Qualified for all courses
Qualified for the following courses
(List by course name, number, and title)
Academic Qualifications:
All official transcripts are on file.
Highest degree and major:
(or the degree which is the basis to qualify for the teaching assignment)
If a master's degree in other than the teaching discipline, how many graduate hours in each discipline
that is taught by this instructor? :
Graduate credit hours in discipline.
Awarded by:
Courses highlighted on the accompanying transcript are the basis of the qualifications to teach in
the assignment described above.
If a faculty does NOT meet the standards as identified by SACS, indicate what the faculty member was
told in order to correct the problem.
Other degrees:
Other Required Qualifications: (Some programs require faculty to hold specific certifications or
licenses. List those held by this faculty member)
Official documentation is on file.
Experience Qualifications: (Three years required for faculty in technical programs - see reverse for
requirements.) (List positions in business and industry with dates of employment)
Verification of English Proficiency:
Primary language is not English.
Proficiency in oral and written English verified by TOEFL
Primary language is English
English Writing
verified by:
document review
writing assignment
Oral communication proficiency verified by:
class presentation
Program Manager
Division Chair:
Revised: 8105
Faculty qualification requirements by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)
Commission on Colleges and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB). The following
are excerpts from the SACS 2004 Principles of Accreditation and the THECB “Guidelines for Instructional
Programs in Workforce Education, (GIPWE) “ January 1999 edition. (All excerpts are from SACS unless
noted otherwise.)
Academic and Technical - Transfer
Faculty members teaching credit courses which transfer must have completed at least 18 graduate
semester hours in the teaching discipline and hold at least a master’s degree, or hold the minimum of
a master’s degree with a major in the teaching discipline.
Technical - Non-Transfer
Faculty members teaching credit courses which are components of associate degree programs not
designed for college transfer (e.g. technical areas and developmental education), must possess
appropriate academic preparation. In extremely rare cases, limited academic preparation maybe
coupled with work experience to qualify. The minimum academic degree for faculty teaching in these
areas is an associate’s degree and demonstrated competencies in the teaching discipline or
bachelor’s degree in the teaching discipline.
Academic-Transfer and Technical-Transfer and All Non-Transfer
In exceptional cases, outstanding professional experience and demonstrated contributions to the
teaching discipline may be presented when the required formal academic preparation is incomplete.
However, this justification generally will only substitute for a maximum 6 hours and often will only
substitute for 3 hours.
Non-degree Diploma or Certificate
Non-degree diploma or certificate occupational courses are typically taught by faculty members with
some college or specialized training, but with an emphasis on competence gained through work
experience. While competency requirements may vary, they should be clearly defined by each
institution. In all cases, faculty members must have special competence in the fields in which they
teach. It is the responsibility of the institution to keep on file documentation of work experience,
certifications and other qualifications if these are to substitute for or supplement formal academic
preparation. (NOTE: This is THECB requirements. SACS does not identify faculty qualifications for
anything below the associate’s degree level.)