Contract Reporting Form Contracts Exceeding $1,000,000 The

Contract Reporting Form
Contracts Exceeding $1,000,000
The Institution’s chief procurement officer shall prepare this report for contracts with a value exceeding $1,000,000 and up to $5,000,000 for
the purchase of goods or services and submit to the chief financial officer of the Institution or System as appropriate. The report shall be
updated during the term and upon close-out of the contract if the reported information changes.
Contractor Name:
Contract Description:
Contract Execution Date:
Delivery Term/Completion Date:
Contract Number:
Contract Value:
Contract Report Date:
Board of Regents Approval Date:
Board of Regents Approval Item Number:
Have the parties complied with the financial provisions of the contract?
Have the parties complied with the delivery schedules contained within the contract? Yes
What corrective action plans are required by the parties and what is the status of any corrective action plan?
Detail any liquidated damages assessed or collected under the contract.
5. Detail any serious issues or risks identified with respect to this contract.
Rev. 06/08/2016
6. Verifications by Chief Procurement Officer (Tex. Gov’t Code §§2261.254)
I confirm the accuracy of the information reported on this form, and verify the accuracy of any information on
this report that is based on information provided by the contractor.
I verify information reported on this form concerning the delivery time for goods or services scheduled for
delivery under this contract.
Chief Procurement Officer
Rev. 06/08/2016