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IRA Distribution Form
Please mail your completed form to:
Parnassus Funds
1 Market Street, Suite 1600
San Francisco, CA 94105
Individual Retirement Account Distribution Form
Please complete all sections of this IRA Distribution Form unless noted as optional. All distribution requests must be received
by Parnassus by 4PM Eastern time in order to be processed the same business day. Distribution requests received after 4PM
Eastern time will be processed the next business day. All distribution proceeds will be sent to the address on record or the predesignated bank account on Þle with Parnassus. Your address or bank account must have been on file with Parnassus for at least
30 days, otherwise Parnassus requires this request to be mailed to Parnassus Investments with an original Signature Guarantee
Medallion Stamp.
If you have any questions about this form, please call us at (800) 999-3505. If your request is $50,000.00 or less, you may fax
your completed and signed request to (415) 778-0228.
Shareholder Information Please print
First Name
Middle Name
Last Name
Social Security Number
Date of Birth
Daytime Phone
Mailing Address
Redemption Instructions
If this is an early distribution and you choose not to roll over the entire amount of this distribution to another qualified
retirement account, taxes and penalties from the IRS may apply. Please consult with a tax advisor before requesting a
distribution from an IRA.
Account number of account you would like redeemed:
Type of Account:
Traditional IRA
Federal Tax withholding: (Select One)
Please withhold
Roth IRA
% (10% minimum)
Dollar Amount
Roth IRA Conversion
Do not withhold
Percentage to Redeem
Parnassus Fund
Parnassus Core Equity Fund
Parnassus Endeavor Fund
Parnassus Mid Cap Fund
Parnassus Asia Fund
Parnassus Fixed Income Fund
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Explanation of Redemption
Indicate below the nature of your redemption:
(One selection is required)
Premature (I am under the age of 59 ½ )
Normal (I am over the age of 59 ½ )
Excess Contribution:
Date of the excess contribution:
Amount: $
Death: Relationship to Decedent:
Important: You must provide a certified copy of the decedent’s Death Certificate. A photocopy is not acceptable.
Also, please provide a completed IRA Account Application for each beneficiary.
Disability. Important: You must attach a letter from your physician verifying the disability and dated within the
past twelve months.
I am converting my IRA account to my existing Roth IRA account #
Payment Instructions
Mail check to the address on record.
Deposit via ACH to pre-designated bank account on record (takes 2-3 business days).
Wire Transfer (Medallion Signature Guarantee required if bank account is not on record, and wire fee may apply.
Please sign and date this IRA distribution request. If you opened your account online and have not provided Parnassus Investments
with your completed signature form, please have your signature accompanied with a Signature Guarantee Medallion Stamp.
We require an original Signature Guarantee Medallion Stamp and will not accept a fax copy. You may have your signature
guaranteed by a commercial bank, savings bank, credit union, a trust company or a member of a national securities exchange.
An acceptable signature must contain the words “signature guaranteed” and the institution’s name.
y y y y
Signature Guarantee Medallion Stamp
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