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Building Lot Determination Application Form
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Please note that it is our policy to notify the current owner of a parcel with the result of a Building Lot Determination.
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Parcel Information:
Use this space to describe the proposed scope of work, including any special circumstances that you feel the Land Use Office should
be aware of when reviewing your application. If more room is needed, feel free to attach a separate sheet.
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Additional information you wish to submit (Land Use docket numbers, building permit numbers, related information, correspondence - attach as necessary)
Submitting the Application
For Land Use staff to expediently process your request fora Building Lot Determination,please submit the following items along with
the application form.
There is a non-refundable processing fee collected at the time of application for each Building Lot Determination request. Refer to
the Land Use publication P04 Planning Review Fee Schedule for the applicable Building Lot Determination fee.
Include a map showing the specific parcel and surrounding area. Clearly highlight the parcel in question. Please include a survey map
if one is available.
Other Related Information about the Parcel(if any)
Include planning docket numbers,building permit numbers or information about any County process related to this parcel. Also
include correspondence or other information detailing relevant circumstances related to the creation of the parcel.
Please allow approximately 10 working days for processing. Additional time maybe necessary for required research.
Form: P/03 • Rev. 05.27.16 • g:/publications/planning/P03BuildingLotDeterminationForm.pdf
Building Lot Determination
About Building Lots
Boulder County
Land Use Department
The term building lot is used by the Boulder County Land Use Department to
refer to lots that were: 1) created in accordance with the zoning and subdivision
regulations that were in effect at the time of the parcel's creation; and 2) have
continued to meet the County's definition of a building lot since that time. The
definition of building lot can be found in Article 18-121 of the Boulder County
Land Use Code.
A common misconception about the term “building lot” is that it refers to
structures already on the property. It does not. Another misconception is that if
a parcel is determined to be a building lot, it guarantees the ability to obtain a
building permit for development on it. There is no guarantee of that. Building
lot status only refers to the parcel's creation from the parcel configuration
that preceded it. Building lot status confirms that it is potentially eligible for
development. Other County regulations must be complied with before a permit
for development can be issued for the parcel.
A determination of building lot status must be made before applications for any
planning review process or building permits can be submitted for the property.
Historical Regulations
Building Lot
Land Use Department
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Boulder, CO 80302
Some areas of Boulder County had a minimum lot size established as far back as
1944. By 1954 all parts of the County had minimum lot sizes. In 1972 Senate Bill
35 became a state law, which allowed counties to pass regulations for approving
the creation of parcels less than 35 acres in size. Since May 5, 1972, every parcel
that is created or adjusted, where any resulting parcel is less than 35 acres, must
get approval from the Board of County Commissioners in order to be considered
a legal building lot.
Other Criteria for Development
Although a determination may be made that a parcel is a building lot, not all
development issues are addressed through this process. Before you can apply for
a building permit you need to also demonstrate that:
RR Legal access exists to the property.
RR A legal source of water is available. The State Engineer issues well permits. For
information about new wells call 303-866-3581, or for records call 303-8663447. If the property is serviced by a water line, contact the appropriate water
RR A sanitation source is available. Boulder County Public Health issues Onsite
Wastewater System (OWS) permits. They can be reached at 303-441-1190. If
the property is on a sewer line, contact the appropriate sewer agency.
RR Floodplain Development Permits have been obtained, if applicable. The
Boulder County Transportation Department issues these permits and has the
official floodplain maps. They can be reached at 303-441-3900.
RR The planned structure can be built given the soil type and topography. For
example, parcels in the plains are required to submit an engineered soils
report. Contact an engineer and the Boulder County Building Safety and
Inspection Services Division at 303-441-3926 with any questions.
RR The appropriate planning review process has final approval, if applicable.
Planning Division:
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Office Hours:
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Form: P/03 • Rev. 05.27.16 • g:/publications/planning/P03BuildingLotDeterminationForm.pdf