ECPE Rescoring Request Form

ECPE Rescoring Request Form
Please print clearly all information requested below:
Candidate Information
Last/Family Name
First Name
Father’s Name
Date of Birth
Mailing Address
Postal Code:
Email Address
Section to be rescored
GCVR & Listening
Date of Request:
Rescoring Fee
Test Center:
The fee for the rescoring of each section is 50€. This must be deposited at the ALPHA BANK.
The bank account number is 803-00-2002-005149
(IBAN: GR29 0140 8030 8030 0200 2005 149).
If the rescore is higher than the initial score, rescoring fees will be refunded.
Submit your
Request Form
There are three alternative ways to submit your Rescoring Request Form along with the
deposit slip from the bank:
1. fax it to the following number: 210 3634200
2. mail it to: Hellenic American Union, Massalias 22, 106 80 Athens
3. or drop it off at the Center for Examinations and Certifications.
Rescoring Period
February 26, 2016 – March 26, 2016.
The University of Michigan will process your Rescoring Request. The results will be mailed to
you by the Center for Examinations and Certifications at the address you specified above.
Data Protection
The Hellenic American Union collects and uses personal information in order to communicate with the members of its
public, to provide educational and cultural programs and services, and to improve the quality of services that it offers.
The information we have requested in this form will be maintained in digital and/or physical form and used only for the
purposes described above. You have the right to reasonable access to the personal information we have on you, to
request a copy of this information, and to correct it if inaccurate. To find out more, contact the Hellenic American
Union at [email protected]
Hellenic American Union Center for Examinations and Certifications
Massalias 22, 10680 Athens  Τ: 210 3680000  F: 210 3634200
Fragon 14, 54626 Thessaloniki Τ: 2310 557600  F: 2310 553925
Web:  E-mail: [email protected]