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Date Completed: June 5, 1992
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Present Rank:
Professor Emeritus
Date of most recent
revisions or verification
of Curriculum Vitae by
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Place of Birth:
Vancouver, B.C.
July 25/96
Sept. 14/98
Date of Birth:
August 11, 1934
_Feb 13/97
April 20/99
June 10/97
June 16/99
Sept. 8/97
Aug. 22/00
March 2/98
March 20/01
Jan 30/02
Aug. 2/02
June 26/03
Jan. 26/04
June 25/04
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Nov. 14/11
Sept. 19/12
Munro, Gordon R.
Social Ins. No.: 403 146 780
Sex: M
Marital Status: Married
Children: 4
March 28/13
Undergraduate (where, dates, degree(s) received):
University of British Columbia, 1952-1956, B.A.
b) Special Professional (e.g. Internships, Residencies, Specialty Board Qualifications):
Graduate (where, dates, degree(s) received):
Harvard University, 1956-1962, A.M. 1959, Ph.D. 1963
MUNRO, Gordon
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d) Titles of theses written for graduate degrees (indicate the degree; name and title of main supervisor
for each):
"The Postwar British Foreign Exchange Control System", Ph.D., G. Von Haberler Professor of
Economics, Harvard.
Academic awards and distinctions (prior to final degree):
Imperial Oil Graduate Research Fellowship
Harvard University Scholarship
Alaska Pine Company Scholarship in Economics
Terminal City Club Memorial Scholarship
Teaching, professional or research positions held prior to U.B.C. appointment (indicate rank or title,
dates and name of institution for each position held):
Teaching Fellow and Resident Tutor (Leverett House), Harvard University.
b) Date of first appointment at The University of British Columbia:
July 1, 1962
Rank at which first appointed:
Assistant Professor
d) Subsequent ranks including dates of promotion:
Associate Professor, 1968
Professor, 1979
Date of granting of Appointment without Term:
July 1, 1970
Principal University and Department teaching and service responsibilities over the last five years:
Fields Taught During the Last Five Years
1. Intermediate micro/macro
2. International finance
3. Natural resource economics
1. Natural resource economics (renewable resources)
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Member, 1973-77.
Senior Undergraduate Advisor (Economics), 1972-86.
Coordinator of Undergraduate Studies, 1974-86.
Timetable-Calendar, 1974-77.
Undergraduate Handbook, 1978.
MUNRO, Gordon
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Committee on the Evaluation and Effectiveness of Teaching, 1977-78.
Co-ordinator, M.A. Examinations, 1980.
Director of Graduate Studies, 1990-93.
Faculty of Arts
Member of Teaching, Improvement and Evaluation Committee, 1972-75.
Member of Council of the Institute of International Relations, 1973-77.
Secretary, International Relations Programme Co-ordinating Committee, 1974-1977.
Member of the Travel Grants Committee, 1972-1975.
Member of the International Relations Program Co-ordinating Committee, 1985.
Representative to the Faculty of Science, 1983-1984.
Co-convenor, Ocean Studies Council, 1983-1993.
Associate, Fisheries Centre, 1993 to present.
g) Record of leaves of absence (indicate dates, duration, type of leave, and whether paid or unpaid):
1968-1969 (London, England) paid leave.
1970-1972 (Penang, West Malaysia) unpaid leave.
1978-1979 (Vancouver, B.C.) paid leave.
1987 (Jan. - Dec.) (Vancouver, B.C.) paid leave.
1996-1997 (Vancouver, B.C.) paid leave.
Membership in professional and learned societies (including any offices held, committee
memberships, etc.):
Canadian Economics Association
American Economics Association
Association of Environmental and Resource Economics
American Fisheries Society
International Institute of Fisheries Economies and Trade
Resource Modeling Association
Member of the Board of Editors of:
(a) Marine Resource Economics
(b) Strategic Behaviour and the Environment
b) Academic or professional awards and distinctions:
Canada Council Leave Fellowship ($6,000 approximately) 1968-1969
Canada Council Leave Fellowship ($9,000) 1978-1979
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Leave Fellowship ($10,000) 1987
Harry G. Johnson Prize. This prize was awarded by the Canadian Economics Association
for the best article to appear in volume XII (1979) of the Canadian Journal of Economics. 1980.
Distinguished Service Award – International Institute of Fisheries Economics and Trade 2004
Publication of T. Bjørndal, D. Gordon, R. Arnason and U.R. Sumaila (eds.), Advances in Fisheries
Economics: Festschrift in Honour of Professor Gordon R. Munro, Oxford, Blackwell, 2007.
MUNRO, Gordon
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Professional service and experience (consultancies, professional committees, commissions, visiting
professorships, invited lectureships, etc.):
On loan to Research Department, Bank of Canada, January 1964 to September 1964.
Visiting Professor, School of Comparative Social Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, West
Malaysia. May 1970-August 1972.
Deputy Director of Research, Canada Foreign Arrangements Project, Fisheries and Marine Service,
Environment Canada, January - October 1976.
Newfoundland Reference, Economic Council of Canada, 1979-1980.
Regulations Reference, Economic Council of Canada, 1980-1981.
Coordinator, Pacific Economic Co-operation Council Task Force on Fisheries Development and Cooperation, 1983 – 1996.
Member of the Canadian National Committee for Pacific Economic Co-operation (appointed by the
Secretary of State for External Affairs), 1985 to 1997.
Member of the Fisheries and Oceans Research Advisory Council (appointed by the Minister of
Fisheries and Oceans), 1985 to 1990.
External Assessor, Faculty of Economics and Management, Universiti Pertanian Malaysia, 1994 to
Member of the National Academy of Sciences (U.S.) Committee on Ecosystem Management for
Sustainable Marine Fisheries, 1995 to 1999.
Member of the Royal Society of Canada Panel on Global Change and Canadian Marine Fisheries,
1995 to 2000.
Participant in: National Marine Fisheries Service (U.S.) Workshop on Fixed Costs and Joint Cost
Allocation, 1995-1996.
Participant in: Panel of International Experts for the World Wildlife Fund for Nature - UNILEVER
Marine Stewardship Council, 1996 -1998.
Distinguished Research Fellow, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration,
1997 to 2000; 2003 to 2006..
Visiting Expert with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the U.N. (FAO), under the FAO
Programme of Cooperation with Academic and Research Institutions, 1997, 2001, 2002 and 2003.
Participant in: FAO Technical Working Group on the Management of Fishing Capacity, 1998.
Participant in: FAO Technical Consultation on the Measurement of Fishing Capacity, 1999.
Undertook consultancy for Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), 1998-1999
Participant in MRAG Americas Inc. consultancy on Allocation Mechanisms and Their Resource
Rent Implications, 1998-1999.
Undertook consultancies for: Environment Directorate, OECD; Fisheries Department, FAO;
Department of Fisheries and Oceans (Canada), 1999-2002; 2004-2005; 2007; 2008-2009.
MUNRO, Gordon
FORM 194
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Member of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Independent Panel on Access Criteria for the
Atlantic Coast Commercial Fishery, 2001-2002.
Participant in: Norway-FAO Expert Consultation on the Management of Shared Fish Stocks, 2002.
Participant in IDDRA Ltd. consultancy for the Department for International Development – UK
Project No. R8225CA, 2002-2003.
Participant in the UNEP Benguela Large Marine Ecosystem Programme Project (LMR/CF/03/07),
Exploring Economic and Social contributions of Hake Fisheries in Namibia and South Africa, 2003
to 2005.
Undertook consultancy for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (Canada) on Framework for the
Analysis of the Socio-Economic Implications of the Species at Risk Act, 2004-2005.
Member of the Independent High-Level Panel on Developing A Model for Improved Governance by
Regional Fisheries Management Organizations, Chatham House, London, 2006-2007.
Undertook consultancy for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (Canada) on The Impacts of
Harvesting Rights on Canadian Pacific Fisheries, 2006 - 2009.
Member, International Advisory Board, Ocean Law Information and Consultancy Services, 2003 to
Appointed Visiting Professor, Centre for the Economics and Management of Aquatic Resources,
University of Portsmouth, August 2007; reappointed July 2010.
Appointed to the United Nations Regular Process for Global Reporting and Assessment of the State
of the Marine Environment , including Socioeconomic Aspects, Pool of Experts, March 2013
d) Other public service:
Lecturer in Economics for Institute of Chartered Accountants of B.C., 1964-65.
Areas of special interest and accomplishment in discipline:
International economics, monetary economics, natural resource economics.
b) Research or equivalent grants received as principal investigator (indicate date, source, amount and
Canada Council Research Fellowship ($2,100), 1971, Malaysian balance of payments to 1980.
Ford Foundation (via Universiti Sains Malayisa) ($2,400), summer 1973, Malaysian Fisheries.
Canada Council Leave Fellowship, 1968-69 (see above) Canadian banking system and the Eruodollar market.
Canada Council Leave Fellowship 1978-79 (see above) Extended Fisheries Jurisdiction and Fisheries
MUNRO, Gordon
FORM 194
Page 6
Donner Canadian Foundation ($9,800) with C.W. Clark and P. H. Pearse. The Economics of the
Two Hundred Mile Limit.
U.B.C. $500, 1969, Canadian Banking System and the Euro-Dollar Market.
U.B.C. $600, 1972, Fisheries Economics; U.B.C. $200, 1973, Fisheries Economics.
Donner Canadian Foundation ($10,000), 1980.
Joint Ventures and Canadian Trade: The Case of Fisheries
Institute for Marine Studies (University of Washington) ($1,000), 1979
The Economics of Co-operative Arrangements between Coastal States and Distant Water Nations
with Special Reference to the Northeast Pacific.
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council ($19,128), 1981.
Extended Fisheries Jurisdiction and Transboundary Resources.
Donner Canadian Foundation ($16,000), 1985.
Management of Shared Fishery Resources under Extended Jurisdiction.
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Leave Fellowship 1987 (see above)
The Economics of Extended Fisheries Jurisdication
Sustainable Development Research Institute ($8,000) 1992 Institutional Change and the Economic
Management of Fishery Resources
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Strategic Grant ($58,600), 1996, Fisheries,
Uncertainty and the Precautionary Approach to Resource Management.
Theses supervised (list only theses for graduate degrees):
Kathleen Luscher, "Special Drawing Rights and the Reform of the International Monetary System";
1974, Honours B.A.
Shelly Lundberg, "An Industrialization Programme for British Columbia", 1975; Honours B.A.
Peter N. Gardner, "Optimal Management of the Fraser River Sockeye Salmon", Ph.D.
Verne W. Loose, "Optimal Exploitation of a Salmon Fishery: A Simulation Approach", Ph.D.
Ragnar Arnarson, "Efficient Harvesting of Fish Stocks: The Case of The Icelandic Demersal
Fisheries" Ph.D.
Trond Bjorndal, "The Optimal Managment of North Sea Herring", Ph.D.
Daniel Lane, "Salmon Fleet Mangement Under Uncertainty", Ph.D.
Dominique Levieil, "Territorial Use Rights for the Management of Traditional Fisheries in a
Development Context: The Case of Lake Titicaca and the Peruvian Altiplano", Ph.D.
William Green, "Ocean Ranching and Optimal Fisheries Management", M.Sc.
Diane P. Dupont, "Input Substitution and Rent Dissipation in a Limited Entry Fishery: A Case Study
of the British Columbia Commercial Salmon Fishery", Ph.D.
FORM 194
Page 7
MUNRO, Gordon
R. Quentin Grafton, "Rent Capture in Rights Based Fisheries", Ph.D.
Hisafumi Kusuda, "I TQ Fishery Under Uncertainty", Ph.D.
Gorazd Ruseski, "Essays on the Management of Fisheries in the Presence of Strategic Interactions",
Ratana Cheunpagdee, “Scales of Relative Importance and Damage Schedules: A Non-Monetary
Valuation Approach for Natural Resource Management”, Ph.D.
Mary Gregory, “Fleet Reduction Through Licence Removal: An Application of Auction Theory”,
Stephanie McWhinnie, “Management Issues in the Fisheries Commons”, PhD.
Megan Bailey, “Improving the Management of Global and Regional Tuna Fisheries”, PhD.
Decorated by the Government of Peru Service, October 1988.
Made a Grand Officer in the Order of Merit for Distinguished
Decorated by the Government of Chile - Made a Commander in the Order of Bernardo O' Higgins the
Liberator, May 1990.