Registration Form – Declaration Statement

Registration Form – Declaration Statement
Please note the following: If your employer is to pay the fee, a signed Employer's Certificate (Form RE2) or
official letter must be supplied. For this purpose, data may be released to third parties in relation to your
studies at the University. Please note this will apply for each academic year for the duration of your
registration at the University. Should the Student Loans Company, an employer or sponsor refuse or fail to
make any requested contribution to your fee, then you will be responsible for the full amount payable in
respect of this registration.
I have checked that all the details on this registration form are correct and that I have provided copies of the
appropriate photographs and documents where required. I understand and agree that the University will use
these and other data to create and maintain records on me, both during my course and after I leave the
University. I understand that the personal information provided by myself may be checked by the University
and any of the external agencies as listed in the Data Protection Statement for students which can be found
on the University’s website,21824,en.pdf. All personal
data held by the University is subject to regulation by the Data Protection Act 1998, described more fully on
the University data protection web pages at I am aware of my rights
concerning membership of the Students' Union, which can be found at,38569,en.pdf
I agree to abide by the University of Portsmouth regulations, as they apply to my studies at the University.
This includes the University’s policy with regards to tuition fees, withdrawals, suspensions and refunds. I
agree to inform the University if my circumstances change. I confirm that I will settle my tuition fees and
provide evidence of personal identification and my qualifications, as and when requested by the University. I
am aware that failure to do so will result in my exclusion from the University. A copy of the Code of Student
Behaviour and Examination and Assessment Regulations can be found at,10393,en.pdf,10383,en.pdf
Under University regulations, I understand that I must attend all learning activities and submit or attend for all
assessments on time. I further understand that I have an obligation to maintain the confidentiality of any
confidential information which may be disclosed to me during my studies, for example as part of research or
an independent study project. I also understand that where my studies are funded by the University or an
external sponsor, I may be required to assign any intellectual property rights in the work which I generate to
the University or to the sponsor.
For full-time, on-campus, non-EU students only
I agree to abide by the regulations set down by the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) based upon the
immigration rules for students studying under Tier 4 of the points-based immigration system, which can be
found at The University of
Portsmouth’s compliance requirements can be found at
By completing and submitting this form, I agree to abide by all of the above for the duration of my
registration at the University.