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Mother/ Father mobile
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School and class attended in 2015/2016 (current year)
Do you suffer from any allergies or medical condition?
Thank you for volunteering to take part in the cultural exchange with the International students. Your role
is to speak to them as much as possible and to encourage them to speak English. Please remember to
include not only the popular outgoing students but also the less confident ones. Don’t correct their
English too often. Every now and then is fine. Remember that you are representing the youth of Chester
and we want the students to go home with a good impression! It would be wonderful if, at the end of the
period, you remained in contact via social media.
In exchange you will be paid expenses for each activity (the exact amount for each activity is indicated on
the programme) Please indicate which activities you would like to join in with and if you then change your
mind or something crops up, please send me a text message so that I can cross you off the list for the day.
Likewise, if an activity gets cancelled or I have too many ‘English Friends’ for that activity, I will text you,
hopefully at least 24 hours in advance. There may be some occasions when I have too few ‘English
Friends’ and your cancelling at short notice would cause me problems, but I would let you know well in
advance if I was relying on you.
You should not leave an activity/the students earlier than the time stated on the programme unless you
have cleared it first with Susan. You/your parent are responsible for getting you to and from an activity.
You will be paid at the end of the season, around 24th July. Ring me for an appointment and make sure
you have your list of completed activities with you. You will not be paid unless you have kept a list!! If you
are going on holiday and need the money before then, please let me know, but it is a very busy time for
me and may not be possible.
If you are away from Chester for an activity, please make sure that you have the mobile phone number of
the member of staff in charge. These will be found on the programme.
You can put my name down as a referee for job applications (so long as you have done a good job!) (i.e I
will respond if an employer contacts me, this is usually a multiple choice form) These are the details to
give to employers: Susan Jones BA PGDip LTCL, Deva English Ltd, Montrose, Rowton Bridge Road, Chester
CH3 7BD, 01244 330003, 07830 096900. However, I cannot provide testimonials/personal statements
(writing long reports on how you have done) unless you have been an English Friend for at least 3 years,
as there are sometimes 40 English Friends and it would be a full time job for me! Each English Friend will
receive a certificate of participation.
We hope you enjoy being an English Friend!
Susan Jones
Director - Deva English Ltd
I agree to take part in the English Friends Programme as described above and to allow my photograph to
be used in promotional materials and social media (or if this form is being sent electronically, an email
address will be taken as consent).
Parent’s signature if English Friend is under 16