Dell Repair Form

Dell Repair Form
✓ If your system is a tablet or laptop please include the Power Adapter in the box. This part is vital for the repair of your device.
✓ As a part of the repair process, all software on the unit will be reset to original specifications.
✓ Therefore, BEFORE SHIPPING TO DELL, back up all data and remove all confidential, proprietary, and personal
information on the unit.
✓ Dell is not responsible for any of your confidential, proprietary, or personal information; lost or corrupted data, lost or
cleared passwords, damaged or lost removable media.
✓ Dell is not responsible for the loss, damage or stolen content during shipping. Dell recommends using a reputable courier or
postal service with tracking and insurance options available.
✓ Make sure to double check the shipping address on the box, and follow packaging instructions as laid out by Dell.
Shipping Address: C
7909 Northcourt Rd, Dock Door 58
Houston, TX 77040
Important: Enter your contact information and complete the fields below.
Name _____________________________________
Phone ______________________________
Service Tag # ________________________________
Dispatch # __________________________
E-mail: ____________________________
Where is my Service Tag #?
Your alphanumeric Service Tag # can be found on the bottom of your or sidewall of your device, or can also be found in the email sent to
you under the “Dispatch Information” section with line item: “Service Tag”.
Where is my Dispatch #?
Your numeric dispatch number was provided by the tech support agent, or can also be found in the email sent to you under the “Dispatch
Information” section with line item: “Dispatch Number”
If your unit is password protected, it is recommended that you disable the password or provide us with your login info: (If you do not
provide it, and we need to access your system to properly diagnose your system, we will clear it.) User Name and Password is only needed
for Tablets and Notebooks.
User Name: ________________________________________________
Password: ________________________________________________
Your answers to the questions below will help us pinpoint the root cause of the issue and repair your computer.
1.We request your permission to re-image your operating system should we deem it necessary:
2. Is the problem you are experiencing intermittent (random) or does it show up all the time?
All the time
3. Please describe in steps how you would reproduce the problem(s) or symptom(s) you are experiencing:
Want to check on the status of your system repair? Please check the following web site:
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