Reinhardt University Grade Appeal Form

Reinhardt University Grade Appeal Form
Student Name: ___________________________________
Date: ___________________________
Student ID#: _____________________________________
Phone: __________________________
RU Email Address: _____________________________________________________________________
Course Code: _____________________________________
Semester Taken: __________________
Instructor: _______________________________________
Academic Year: ___________________
Appeals Process:
Prior to submitting your appeal to the Vice President & Dean for Academic Affairs, you must complete
the first two steps of the appeals process as outlined below:
Step 1 – Try to resolve the course grade grievance with your instructor. This can be conducted by
emailing your instructor and scheduling a meeting to discuss your grievance with her/him.
Date you met with your instructor: ______________________________
Step 2 – If you cannot resolve the grade grievance with your instructor, your next step will be to submit
your grievance in writing to the Dean of the School in which the course resides (see list below). Once
the School Dean reviews your grievance, he/she will contact you to set up a meeting to discuss his/her
Date you met with School Dean: _________________________________
School of Arts & Humanities – Dr. Wayne Glowka 770-720-5628 [email protected]
School of Business – Dr. Don Wilson 770-720-5953 [email protected]
School of Education – Dr. Cindy Kiernan 770-720-5889 [email protected]
School of Math/Science – Dr. Jacob Harney770-720-9102 [email protected]
School of Performing Arts – Dr. Frederick Tarrant 770-720-9221 [email protected]
School of Professional Studies – Mr. Trey Drawdy 770-720-5927 [email protected]
Step 3 – If there is no resolution after meeting with the School Dean, you may submit, in writing, your
request for grade appeal. Compose a written statement explaining your reason for appeal and note the
decisions made by the Instructor and School Dean in Steps 1 & 2 above. Make sure to include copies of
any documentation that you want to include for consideration of your appeal. Please submit your
written appeal to the Office of Academic Affairs at [email protected] For any questions you may have
about your appeal, you may contact the Office of Academic Affairs at 770-720-5503.
Step 4 – The Vice President & Dean will review your appeal and investigate the claims with both the
Instructor and course School Dean. If needed, after this review, you will be contacted by the Office of
Academic Affairs and a meeting will be set up to further discuss your appeal. If no further discussion is
necessary, you will receive a written judgement regarding your appeal, via your Reinhardt University
student email, and the final judgement will be forwarded to the Registrar’s Office for recording.
Please allow 60 to 90 days for the appeals process.
Updated 7/30/15