Potential Object Loan Form

Potential Object Loan Form
Thank you for considering making an object loan to Havering Museum. As the Museum has limited
space to display loaned objects, any potential object loan must be considered and accepted by the
Exhibitions Team first. Any object offered to the Museum must also fulfil the following criteria:
Evidence of being made or used in Havering
Accompanied by supporting information, e.g. photographs or receipts
Size, weight and condition will be taken into consideration
Prior to accepting objects for loan, we need to record the following information. With this information
the Exhibitions Team will be able to make an assessment. Please fill out this form with as much detail
about your object(s) as you can, attaching photographs if possible:
Brief Description
Size (in centimetres, height x
width x depth OR diameter)
What is it made of?
Distinguishing Marks
e.g. maker’s marks (if any)
(approximate if unknown)
Historical Information
Related to Object (where
was it made/used, and by
whom, if known)
Any Other Information (e.g.
receipts, photographs)
*Data Protection - This information is for the use of Havering Museum only and will not be disclosed to third parties.
Please return this form by hand, post or email to:
The Collections & Exhibitions Team Leader
Havering Museum, 19-21 High Street, Romford, RM1 IJU
Phone : 01708 766571
Email: [email protected]
Havering Museum will endeavour to respond within four weeks. Thank you.
Standard Loan Terms and Conditions
Havering Museum, The Brewery Gate, 19-21 High Street, Romford, RM1 1JU (hereinafter, “the Museum”), is the Borrower of the
object/s. These Terms and Conditions protect the Lender and the object/s being borrowed from him/her. Loans will only proceed
where the Lender is prepared to accept the Terms and Conditions outlined on this page.
Costs - If the Museum has initiated the loan, the Museum will bear all direct costs of borrowing (unless by special arrangement
with the Lender) including: transport and packing, insurance cover, photography, costs to meet display requirements, costs for
possible conservation work. If the Lender has initiated the loan, the Lender will bear the costs listed above (unless by special
arrangement with the Museum).
Display and Security Requirements - The Museum will ensure that the object/s are displayed to museum standard. The Museum
will provide appropriate environmental and display conditions for the preservation and security of the borrowed object/s, and
ensure that these are maintained throughout the loan period. The Lender may visit the display or storage area to examine security
and environmental arrangements. The object/s will not be stored, exhibited or used near any radiators, air conditioning
equipment, heaters, boilers, fires or other sources of heat, pollution or areas where smoking is permitted. The object/s will be
protected at all times from damage by sunlight, rain, snow, and vibration. The Lender will be advised before the start of the loan if
the object/s will be on open display in an area where eating or drinking is permitted. The Museum will provide appropriate
protection for objects on open display in areas where eating or drinking is permitted.
Insurance - The Museum is responsible for insuring the borrowed objects. Whilst on site the objects are covered by the
Museum’s annual insurance policy. The insurance value/s shown on this document are those advised to the Museum by the
Lender. In the event of any object/s being lost, stolen, destroyed, damaged or suffering deterioration in its condition since the
commencement of the loan, the Museum shall notify the lender as soon as possible, and the value/s shall be determined in
accordance with the terms of the Museum’s insurance policy. The Museum must inform the Lender in case of theft or breach of
security in the exhibition or storage area where the object/s are displayed or stored.
Accountability and Responsibility - The Museum is responsible for a loaned object/s at the point at which the object/s, as part of
an individual loan, has entered the Museum’s premises with the Lender, or been loaded into a vehicle belonging to a Museum
volunteer for transportation to the Museum. The Museum’s responsibility will cease when the object/s, as part of an individual
loan, is collected from the Museum’s premises by the Lender or leaves the vehicle of a Museum volunteer returning the object/s
to the Lender.
Condition Reporting - At all times the Museum shall take all the necessary steps to care for the object/s as outlined in the Loan
Agreement. The object/s will be condition reported upon arrival at the Museum’s premises and inspected at the end of the loan
period. A copy of the condition report will be sent to the Lender at the start of loan period, which they must sign to confirm that
this was the condition the object/s arrived in. The Lender will sign the condition report again at the end of the loan period to
confirm that the object/s has been returned in the same condition. The Museum will notify the Lender of any deterioration in the
condition of the object/s during the loan period, and amend the condition report accordingly.
Photography and Copyright - The Lender gives copyright permission for the Museum to make and use photographs of object/s for
marketing, PR and educational purposes. Non-flash visitor photography will also be permitted unless by prior arrangement with
the Lender.
Changes and Termination - The Museum will notify the Lender in writing as soon as possible of any changes to the agreed Terms
and Conditions of the loan. The Museum and the Lender each have the right to terminate the loan before the end of the loan
period, but must give at least two weeks written notice to the other party. Requests from either the Lender or the Museum to
renew the loan must be submitted to the other party at least two weeks before the end of the loan period.
The Loan Agreement is subject to the Laws of England unless agreed otherwise with the Lender, in which case appropriate legal
advice may be sought by the Museum.
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