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Landlord Central Pty Ltd
ABN: 39 123 500 176
C/O Your Empire Business Services Pty Ltd, Shop
2 / 140-152 New Canterbury Road, Petersham
NSW, 2049, Australia
Phone: +61 2 8006 1979
Email: [email protected]
Property Compass® Subscription Form
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Part 1.
Your details
A. Company
Company name:
Trading as:
Australian Business Number (ABN):
Nature of business (e.g. Mortgage, Real Estate Agency):
B. Address
Note: where possible, all correspondence will be sent via email
Street address:
C. Billing Contact
First name:
Job title:
Email address:
Part 2.
Select your business focus (please tick where applicable)
Access/aggregate properties:
Provide property listings*:
*You may load unlimited properties OR Property Compass® can assist you with loading your properties
Please contact us for a quote and to include this service option in a separate invoice
Property Compass® Subscription Form
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Part 3.
Branding your Property Compass®
A. URL details
Your Property Compass® will be linked to a sub-domain generally matched to your company’s domain name.
Specify your sub-domain below:
Click here for instructions to setup a sub-domain
B. Access Please select
C. Colour theme Please select
D. Printed reports (your company name / other)
E. SEO title (short description / USP)
F. SEO description
G. Company logo (email company logo or paste link here. Logo maximum size W380 x H70)
H. Browser icon (email or paste link here)
I. Contact details
International number:
*Where relevant, please add contact name(s)
J. Web enquiries
Enquiries received via your Property Compass® will be forwarded to you via email. Please indicate email
recipient(s) below:
K. Customising your Property Compass®
Your Property Compass® can be used as a standalone web platform OR linked to your existing website. We
offer customisation to integrate with your exiting website/requirements. Please contact us for a quote
L. Training and System procedures
Training videos, flow charts and check lists are available online via your Sales and Business Administration
To ensure that the system is utilised to its maximum potential, Property Compass® also offers face-to-face
training. Please contact us for an initial assessment and quotation
Property Compass® Subscription Form
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Part 4. Subscription Agreement
Please click here to read the ‘Property Compass® Subscription Agreement’, prior to returning this form and
your payment to Landlord Central Pty Ltd. Landlord Central Pty Ltd holds the Australian Master License.
Part 5. Special conditions
Please specify below, any special conditions that relate to this subscription/services:
Part 6. Selecting the service
A. Subscription start date
Please nominate start date:
C. Select services
Single Service (S1)
Aggregate Service (S2)
Listing Service (S3)
$ 60
$ 120
$ 50
per year
per year
per month
per month
Load unlimited properties/projects
Publish to PropertyCompass® Marketplace
Property investment calculator
Property investment reports
Allocation properties
Aggregate properties
Members/affiliates log-ins
Deal Management
Management reports
Export properties
NOTE: S3 has a ‘fair use policy’ and applies to property sales. Therefore
an additional listers-own fee may apply. This rate is pre-negotiated.
Unlimited listings and unlimited salesFRQWDFWXVIRUUDWHV
$ 75
Set Up Fee
per service
A pre-payment is required for S1,S2 and set-up. S3’s are invoiced
monthly. Non-payment will trigger a system de-activation.
$ 0.00
$ 0.00
$ 0.00
$ 0.00
Part 7. Payment instructions (please quote your reference /company name when making payment)
Direct transfer (EFT)
Account name: Landlord Central Pty Ltd
BSB: 016 267
Credit Cards
Paypal: [email protected]
Number: 490 169 182
Thank you
Property Compass® Subscription Form
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