the Lost and Found property release form

Please provide the information on the attached form to authorize release of your property either to a
designated third party or via FedEx shipping. For your protection you must include a copy of a
government-issued photo identification (e.g., passport or driver’s license). Return the completed form
with a copy of your photo identification to our office by fax or by mail. Please note that items are held for
a maximum of thirty (30) days for collection.
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
Office of Lost & Found
6505 Belcrest Road, Suite 500
Hyattsville, MD 20782
Fax: 301-562-4675
Items are held for a maximum of thirty (30) days for collection.
WMATA does not pay for shipping of items under any circumstance.
We will package items and complete shipping documents only after this document has been
returned with the required information.
For your security we will only accept an account number for a shipping company or a prepaid
postage shipping label from a shipping provider. We will not accept cash or credit card payments
for shipping charges.
If you choose to have your item released to a 3rd party designee then your designee will be
required to provide a valid government-issued photo identification at the time of pickup that
matches exactly the name you have provided.
We look forward to reuniting you with your lost item as quickly as possible.
Best Regards,
Office of Lost & Found
“I authorize WMATA to release my property to the designee/shipping company indicated below. I
understand that shipping is at my expense, and that once my property is released to the third party
designee/shipping company WMATA will have no further obligation with regards to my property. I
further understand that property is held at WMATA’s Lost & Found Office for a maximum of thirty (30)
days for collection, and this form must be received and property collected before the thirty (30) day
period has expired. .”
Location Lost:___________________________________________________________________________
Date Lost (MM/DD/YY): __/__/___
Description of Lost Item : ___________________________________________________
Case Number(s):_________________________________________________________________________
Owner’s Name (Please Print):______________________________________________________________
Phone Number:(___) _____________________
Type of photo identification provided:______________________________
Release Item To (Please select one): Designated Person_____ Shipping_____
Please complete this section only if property is to be released to a designated person.
Name of Designated Person:_______________________________________________________________
Please note that the name provided must exactly match the name on the identification provided by your designee on the day of
Expected Date of Pickup (MM/DD/YY): __/__/__
Please complete this section only if property is to be shipped.
Shipping Company (Please choose one):
FedEx – Account Number ____________________
UPS – Account Number ______________________
Other(print name)___________________ (For shipping via service other than FedEx or UPS
please include a prepaid postage shipping label with this form).
Signature: _________________________________________ Date: ______________________________