Please return this form, properly signed, by e-mail at [email protected]
Order Confirmation
The Sponsor/ Exhibitor organization/company confirms its participation to NANOTECH DUBAI 2016
to be held between 5-7 December, 2016 in Dubai, UAE, as:
Please specify in below the chosen Sponsorship/ Exhibition option(s):
Before Sep 15, 2016
Sponsorship and
Printing on Delegate bag
US$ 1500
Printing on the Delegate lanyards
US$ 800
Opening Ceremony
US$ 2500
Registration Desk
US$ 1800
Conference Diner
US$ 3000
Delegate bag Insert
US$ 600
Conference Website logo
US$ 600
Gift Items Distribution
US$ 600
Pens and Note Pads
with Sponsors advertisement
Printing advertising
After Sep 15, 2016
US$ 600
Back Cover
US$ 1400
2nd Cover
US$ 1000
3rd Cover
US$ 800
Inside page
US$ 600
Nanotech Dubai 2016 Sponsorship and Exhibition Reservation Form
Contact person
Invoice Details
Sponsor/Exhibitor organization name
Invoice address
The invoice will be issued upon payment is received.
In order to confirm the chosen option, the amount for the sponsorship and/or the exhibition fee will have to be paid within 15 days from the
signature of the present order form on the following bank account details:
Account Name:
AE08 033 0000 019100112677 (US$ Currency Account)
Bank Name:
Mashreq Bank psc – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Payment reference:
Sponsor/Exhibitor Nanotech Dubai 2016 – [add the Exhibitor/Sponsor name here]
Please send us a copy of the bank transfer by e-mail to [email protected]
The Sponsor/Exhibitor hereby declares that it intends to take part to the International Conference and Exhibition on
Nanotechnology – SETCOR Nanotech Dubai 2016, accepting all terms and conditions the Sponsor / Exhibitor is subordinated to,
by signing this form, it agrees to abide by all the conditions contained in the above Sponsors and Exhibitions Rules.
Place & date
Signature of the legal representative & organization stamp
Nanotech Dubai 2016 Sponsorship and Exhibition Reservation Form
Sponsors and Exhibitors Rules
ART.1 – Denomination and Goals
1. SETCOR organizes the International Conference and Exhibition on Nanotechnology – Nanotech Dubai 2016, hereinafter “the conference”.
2. Participation to the conference is subject to the following rules:
ART.2 – Location and Timetable of the Conference
The conference will take place from 5 to 7 December 2016 in Dubai, UAE. The event
time will be from 8.00 to 18.00.
ART.3 – Payment Condition
The request to participate as Sponsor or Exhibitor is considered accepted once:
Copy of the Sponsors and Exhibitors Form properly signed has been
received by e-mail at [email protected]
The bank transfer has been received at the following Bank Account:
Acc. Name: Setcor Media FZ LLC
IBAN: AE08 033 0000 019100112677
Payment reference: Sponsor / Exhibitor payment Nanotech Dubai 2016
2. Payments received after the date communicated by the Organizing Committee
do not guarantee the possibility to have the Sponsor /Exhibitor logo on the
Conference materials.
ART.4 – Admission
The participation in the conference is subject to the acceptance by the organizer.
ART.5 – Setting up and Taking Down
Desks (or Stands if any) can be set up on 4 Dec 2016 (14:00 - 18:00) and taken down
on the 7 December 2016 between 13:00 and 18:00.
ART.6 – Delivery and collection of the materials
1. Materials for Desk/stand setting up or for any other use during the event have to
be delivered after Monday 28 November 2016, with a beforehand written
communication to the Organizing Committee, at the conference venue in Dubai
with the clear and visible indication “Nanotech Dubai 2016 Conference” and
the Exhibitor/Sponsor’s Name on any item, and have to be collected at the end
of the event.
2. Delivery expenses to/from the Conference venue, including any import fees, are
at Exhibitor/Sponsor’s expenses.
3. Unclaimed goods may be will be destroyed after the end of the event.
related to the participation to the Conference and not mentioned in the Sponsors
and Exhibitors Form, is considered excluded from this offer. Any kind of refund for
damages and theft of the exhibited material is also excluded.
ART.10 – Security
1. Exhibitors have to comply with all security and fire-prevention norms
applicable in the Conference venue and all arrangements on the subject that
can be enacted by the Organizing Committee.
2. Exhibitors are required to comply with the safety standards. Non-fulfilment of
Safety regulations and fire prevention can lead to the immediate closure of the
stand, as well as to the exclusion of the exhibitor from future editions of the
3. Exhibitors cannot make use of cylinders or other containers filled with gas of
any type, or to keep tanks, heaters or other recipients filled with gas or
combustibles for the functioning of machines, except in the case of particular
authorization by the Organizing Committee and/or the conference venue on
case by case basis.
ART.11 – Prohibitions
It is prohibited for the exhibitor to:
a. Give up or exchange – even at no charge – the space assigned;
b. Occupy a surface area bigger than that assigned or exceed the height
measurements established by the Organizing Committee;
c. Store packaging or other materials not destined for display in the assigned
space, or in the surrounding area, or even in the Conference enclosure;
e. Display posters or signs outside the assigned areas or in places or positions
different from those established by the Organizing Committee;
f. Distribute or give tastes, in a propagandistic manner, of paid samples, or by
drawings, lotteries or games, unless authorized in writing to do so by the
Organizing Committee, which can reserve the right to apply a special tax/fees
and to discipline such activities;
g. Use loud calls or other forms of publicity which for their substance or outward
appearance can be against the law or regulations, or which can constitute
conclusion of direct comparison with other participants, or which can,
however, disturb them or cause them harm, and even less to gather signatures,
declarations or judgments; propaganda or judgments which can sound critical
of or offensive to political and social institutions of the conference’s and other
1. All cancellations must be given to the Organizing Committee by e-mail at
[email protected]
h. Carry out trials, demonstrations or operations that can compromise the safety
of persons or objects, or that might disturb, irritate, cause damage or danger or
which however, at the judgment of the authority in charge of security and
accident prevention, are deemed dangerous;
2. For the conference, the following cancellation fees will be applied (unless
otherwise indicated on the event’s web site):
i. Light fires, introduce explosive, detonating, dangerous or fuel-smelling
materials, or that in any case can cause damage or can be bothersome;
ART.7 – Renunciation
If the written cancellation is received by the organizing Committee before
Sep 15, 2016, your payment less 20 % of the chosen package rate will be
If the written cancellation is received by the organizing Committee
between Sep 15, 2016 and Oct 15, 2016, 50% of the registration fee will be
No reimbursement will be made after Oct 15, 2016.
ART.8 – Desk/Stand assignation
The desk/stand assignation will be done on a first come, first served basis (unless
otherwise indicated on the event’s web site), as well as according to stands
availability and sponsorship category. Organizers reserve the right to make
changes to this order for organizational needs, giving, when possible, contextual
communication to the interested sponsor / exhibitor.
ART.9 – External costs
Expenses for the dispatch/transport/layout of the exhibited material both during
the setting up and the taking down of the expositive space, as well as any other
j. Leave the area unwatched or in a state of abandon.
ART.12 – Damages to expositive spaces and congressional spaces
1. Expositive spaces must be returned in the same conditions as before the Event.
2. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to request compensation for
damages caused directly or indirectly to persons and/or objects of the
Organizing Committee, The conference venue properties or third parties.
3. The Organizing Committee is not responsible for thefts of materials or goods
left in the Conference area.
ART.13 – Unpredictable events
In case of unpredictable events or in any other situation not depending on the
organizers, as a Force Majeure or act of god, the Conference can be cancelled or
ART.14 – Governing law and disputes
1. These terms and conditions are governed by the French law.
2. The Court of Paris is competent for any dispute rising from the interpretation
and/or execution of these terms and conditions
Nanotech Dubai 2016 Sponsorship and Exhibition Reservation Form