PART 1: FOR APPLICANT’S COMPLETION (fill in spaces indicated with ▪)Ʌ
▪Name of Student:
▪Name of Bank:
▪Student’s NRIC/Passport/FIN no:
▪Student’s Matriculation Number:
(a) I/We hereby instruct you to process the Singapore Institute of Technology (“SIT”)’s instructions to debit my/our account.
(b) You are entitled to reject the SIT’s debit instruction if my/our account does not have sufficient funds and charge me/us a fee for
this. You may also at your discretion allow the debit even if this results in an overdraft on the account and impose charges
(c) This authorisation will remain in force until terminated by your written notice sent to my/our address last known to you or upon
receipt of my/our written revocation through the SIT.
▪ Bank Account Holder’s Name:
▪ Contact Number(s)–Tel/Fax:
▪ Bank Account Number:
▪ Signature(s)/Thumbprint(s)*/Company Stamp:
(as in bank’s records)
7 1 7 1 0 0 3
Billing Organisation’s Account Number
3 9 1 0
5 6 1 4
Account Number To Be Debited
Student’s Matriculation Number (Ref no):
To: Singapore Institute of Technology
Finance Department
10 Dover Drive
Singapore 138683
This Application is hereby REJECTED (please tick) for the following reason(s):
Signature/Thumbprint# differs from Bank’s records
Wrong account number
Signature/Thumbprint# incomplete/unclear#
Amendments not countersigned by customer/BO
Account operated by signature/thumbprint#
Other reason(s): __________________________________
Name of Approving Officer
Authorised Signature
* For thumbprints, please go to the branch with your identification.
Please delete where inapplicable
Amendments to Part 1 have to be countersigned by Applicant/Account Holder(s)
GIRO is a convenient, cashless mode of payment. To help you better understand the GIRO payment
method. Here are some answers to the most frequently raised questions on GIRO:
How do I get started?
Complete this GIRO application form, send the form with
your signature duly signed , copy of your bank book or
statement showing your full name & bank account number
to us at:
Singapore Institute of Technology
Finance Department
10 Dover Drive
Singapore 138683
Note: For account operated via thumbprint, please bring
your NRIC/passport to your bank for the print to be taken
and witnessed.
If you are not sure whether the account operated using your
thumbprint or signature, you may check your bank book or
you may check directly with your respective bank.
How long do I need to wait before my GIRO arrangement
is effective?
What happens if there are insufficient funds in my bank
Please maintain sufficient funds in the GIRO account to
meet the full payment. No partial deduction will be made for
bank accounts with insufficient funds. Both SIT & the bank
will impose charges if the deduction is unsuccessful.
How can I get the bank & branch code?
For other banks beside POSB & DBS, you can contact or go
directly to your respective bank for the bank & branch code.
If you go directly, please proceed to the information counter,
you may need to provide them with your full name & nric no.
If you are a POSB account holder, please input the ‘bank
code’ as 7171 & the ‘branch code’ as 081 (regardless of
any POSB branches).
If you are a DBS account holder, please input the ‘bank
code’ as 7171 & the ‘branch code’ is the first three digits of
your account number, E.g. ‘004-3-040470
Can I stop GIRO payment on a particular bill?
Continue paying by cash or cheque for all your fee advice
until your GIRO arrangement is effected, which takes at
most 30 working days.
Can I arrange for another party to effect the GIRO
arrangement through his/her bank account or pay for
another party?
Yes, you can by stating his/her name and address, and the
customer/account/bill number on the GIRO form.
Please obtain the signature/thumbprint of the person on the
form if he/she is paying for you.
When will the GIRO deduction be made?
The GIRO deduction date will be stated on the fee advice or
via email notification to the Student’s SIT Email Account.
Yes, please contact Finance Office at 65928149 but you will
need to give us at least 30 working days before the next
deduction date. You should also inform your bank to stop
GIRO payment if applicable.
What happens to my GIRO arrangements that are no
longer used?
You should review all your GIRO arrangement periodically
and terminate those arrangements that are no longer
required with your bank.
Please approach your bank and complete the necessary
termination forms.
Note: For students who are paying their tuition fees through
the CPF Education Scheme or Tuition Fee Loan Scheme,
other fees not covered by the schemes will be deducted
through the GIRO account.