Request for Books in Alternative Text and Agreement Form This form

Request for Books in Alternative Text and Agreement Form
If you are on a UWSP campus PC computer you can listen to this page using a text-to-voice form by following these steps:
Start -> All programs -> UWSP Application Center -> Categories (upper left corner) -> Utilities -> Click RUN on Premier Literacy
Suite 15.0. Click on the “Lunch pad” on the Premier Tool bar, and then highlight the text you want to read and use the “Reader”
tool or use the “Talking Pointer” tool. Please watch the video to learn how to do these steps.
This form needs to be filled out by returning students. Returning students need to re-request academic support services
every semester with the Assistive Technology Office (AT). These guidelines have been developed to help you know the
procedures for requesting books in alternative text from the AT office. Please follow the steps below to help us serve
you best. These steps are done after you have been approved to receive accommodations through Disabilities Services,
609 Learning Resource Center, 900 Reserve St., 715-346-3365.
*To learn about the different forms of alternative texts click on the following link.
1. Class and book list. To obtain books in alternative text, you will need to drop off or email your class and book
list for the upcoming semester. Please indicate which program(s) you will use by placing an X on the lines
- Choices of programs: Premier:
Learning Ally:
2. Return this completed form and your class/book list to the Assistive Technology Program, room 604 LRC, or
email the form and list to [email protected] after you register or 3-4 weeks before the start of the next
semester. It is important to request texts in alternative formats in a timely manner to ensure the chance of
receiving your texts before classes begin.
3. Proof of purchase is required before the AT program can supply you the text in an alternative format. A copy
of your book list is sufficient, but if you have to purchase a book, the office will need a copy of your receipt.
Publishers require the proof of purchase before they send an alternative text. Materials converted for you
are for your exclusive use and may not be reproduced or shared with others in any way. This would be an
infringement of copyright law.
4. Signatures are required to ensure that you agree to return the materials at the end of the semester and
abide by the copyright stipulations. Signatures are required for both the alternative text and for equipment
that may be used from the Lending Library.
5. You must alert the AT program if you decide to drop or change any classes in which alternative text was
previously requested. You need to keep the AT program informed of any changes to your use of alternative
text or Learning Ally.
6. You will need to set up an appointment with the Assistive Technology Program Coordinator, if you need to
go over your requests or choice of programs.
Contact the Assistive Technology Coordinator, Marge Strong by email or phone, or you can stop by room 604 LRC from
8:00am-4:30pm M-F.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 715-346-4980
I have read the above and will comply with the guidelines and recommendations it contains. Sign and return the form
with the class/book list to the Assistive Technology office.