GUIDANCE NOTES On Completing a Job Application Form

On Completing a Job
Application Form
These notes will help you complete the application form section by
section, ensuring that your application is treated fairly and free from
Your application form will be used in deciding whether you will be
shortlisted and called for an interview. Please therefore complete the
form accurately and include all the information asked for.
It is essential that you show on your application how your current and
previous work, training, voluntary activities or life experience equip
you for the post.
It is essential to complete every section of the form.
Guidance for Individual Sections
Some of the questions on the application form are self-explanatory,
or have their own individual instructions. The front page is selfexplanatory.
Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 – Disclosure of Criminal
Convictions (spent and unspent) – This page should be read,
completed and signed with care. We will require the successful
applicant to apply for an enhanced or standard (depending on the
post) disclosure with the Criminal Records Bureau prior to
appointment. A criminal record will not necessarily be a bar to
obtaining a position within the organization
If you believe that you have been involved in the kind of incident we
need to know about, e.g. convictions (spent and unspent) cautions
and warnings please enter details here. It is in your best interests to
declare this information to us at this stage. If you have any doubt,
please include the information and let us decided what is relevant or
Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form
This is an anonymous form, which is separated from your application
before submission to the interview panel for shortlisting for interview
purposes. It is also used to assess as a whole whether our
recruitment practices are attracting a range of people from all groups
within society.
Please list your qualifications, the grades and the dates awarded.
You will only be required to provide evidence of your qualifications at
interview, if they are requested, in a letter inviting you to attend for
Employment Details
Please provide details of your present post as requested. You should
start by inserting the title of your present post immediately to the right
of ‘Present Post’ and then continue with name and address etc. The
next section asks you to explain the duties and responsibilities you
currently undertake in your present post.
Supporting Statement
This is your opportunity to tell us why you are suitable for the job.
Read through the job description and person specification thoroughly
so that you are familiar with the duties of the post and the skills,
abilities, etc needed to do them effectively. Then tell us how you
meet each of the criteria in the person specification by giving details
of your relevant experience (paid and unpaid), knowledge, skills,
abilities. You may find it useful to deal with each point in turn.
If you have been out of work for a long time, or have never been in
work, you may have acquired relevant skills and experience from
being involved in community or voluntary work, through school or
college activities, or by running your home.
We recognise that some areas will require a period of learning in the
job and we shall make appropriate allowances for those. Just give as
much relevant information as possible.
It is helpful to ensure that the information you give is well organized
and relevant. Write in a positive way using examples of what you did
and what activities you engaged in: give examples, use positive
statements, e.g. “I organised…” “I helped…” “I directed……” I
Referees must be able to comment on your suitability for the post.
You must provide the names and addresses of two people who know
you and who are able to comment on your suitability for the post.
One of these MUST be your current / most recent employer. The
second reference may be from a previous employer or anybody who
could give information relevant to your suitability to perform the duties
and responsibilities for the job.
References provided by relatives or people with whom you live are
not acceptable. Instead, use someone who knows your capabilities
and can comment on your reliability and is aware of your potential.
It is always advisable to make sure that your referees know you have
used their names before we contact them to obtain the references.
Make sure that the people you choose are willing to act as referees
before you give us their details.
Remember to state on the form if you do not want us to contact one
or both of them before the interview
Guaranteed Job Interview Scheme
Age UK North Tyneside are proud to be holders of the ‘Two Tick
Disability Symbol’.
Part of the conditions of becoming a Disability Symbol user is to
commit to five Commitments. One of the 5 pledges is to ensure that
all disabled applicants, who meet the minimum criteria for any post,
will be guaranteed an interview.