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Bank Ref. : __________________________
To : DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (“the Bank”, “you”, or “your”, including, in each case, successors and assigns)
In consideration of your granting us a loan of HK$ (Hong Kong Dollars
) repayable on demand together with
interest at your current interest rate subject to and in accordance with your prevailing terms and conditions
governing such loans and by way of packing credit against DC/Purchase Order No.
issued by
covering the Goods as mentioned in the above-mentioned Documentary Credit/Purchase Order, we hereby convey the
entire ownership of such Goods to you, your full lien on which is hereby acknowledged, and engage ourselves to act as
your agent (whether as depository, storekeeper, forwarding agent, etc or otherwise) in dealing with and shipping such
Goods with all the necessary shipping documents to be handed to you as soon as received but not later than by
We also undertake to keep the said Goods fully insured against all risks and to hand you the original relative policies as
you may require.
If the value of the Goods in question should at any time fall below the amount of this loan, we hereby undertake to
make up such deficiency by cash payment to you immediately on demand without fail.
You are authorized to apply the proceeds of the documentary bill(s) so negotiated/prepaid/purchase/advanced by you in
or towards payment or partial payment of this loan plus interest thereon at the rate aforesaid and all costs, charges and
expenses, if any, incurred or to be incurred by you.
We further promise and agree that this loan shall be applied to no other purpose but for the payment of the Goods
mentioned above as well as for freight, insurance and other shipping charges thereof.
We hereby agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out in the General Commercial Agreement.
Please credit to our account no. :
with you.
In case of need, please contact our Mr./Miss
Telephone Number
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