Book Review Copyright Form

Book Review Copyright Form
The National Association for College Admission Counseling requires that all book review
authors sign a copyright agreement. We have found this necessary in order to avoid conflicts
that may arise from the ownership of copyright. As a results, we are requesting that all
authors sign the following statement:
I hereby grant to NACAC full authority to edit and to publish that material listed
below on NACAC’s Web site. I grant NACAC full permission to copyright this
material and to re-publish it, or any part of it, in any publication of the association
in print and/or electronic form without further notice being given. I understand that
NACAC will readily grant permission to me it I wish to publish the same material in
the future.
I further authorize that use of this material on that same basis for re-publication in
whole or part in any other publication in print and/or electronic form, and release
NACAC completely from any financial obligation for such use.
I warrant that I am the author (or co-author) of this material; that it is original and
does not infringe upon any common law or statutory copyright, proprietary or other
right; and that it contains no matter that is libelous or otherwise contrary to law.
Finally, I agree to indemnify NACAC for all or any loss, damage or expense it shall
incur arising out of any breach of the warranties given above (including reasonable
attorney fees).
Title of the book
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