Explanation of Faculty/Professional Staff Declaration of Unpaid Leave/Workload Adjustment Form
1. Talk with your supervisor about the requirement and your unpaid leave or unpaid workload options.
2. Complete the appropriate part of the “MANDATORY” section of this form that matches your
current employment status – one of the following:
a. Professional and Administrative Staff
-ORb. Tenured Instructional Faculty (Department Chairs and Associate Deans – Use Special
Form noted below).
3. You and your supervisor sign the form and submit it through your organizational structure to Human
The first part of the form – “VOLUNTARY” section does not need to be completed. Skip over this section
if you wish, or review it with your supervisor as part of your discussion about the mandatory section.
Department Chairs and Associate Deans need to complete a form designed for their unique appointment
type, which is a hybrid between tenured instructional faculty and administrative. Given that a unique
calculation will be required for the unpaid leave hours above the base “B” contract, please see your
Supervisor in order to discuss your options and calculate your unpaid leave hours. See additional
information below.
DO YOU HAVE QUESTIONS? If you do, contact Dan Gutierrez (5-3335) and/or attend one of the
training sessions that will be announced by Human Resources.
The final completed form is due to Human Resources no later than September 15, 2009. The earlier the
submission the earlier any FY10 voluntary measures can be initiated.
"NOTICE: Failure to make a timely election will result in the default selection of a salary reduction
and imposition of unpaid leave for covered, non-tenured employees and participation in workload
increases for tenured faculty."
Listed below is a more detailed explanation about the form and your options and requirements in order to
implement the code change adopted by the Board of Regents at their June 19, 2009 Board meeting.
Voluntary Section:
An option for employees to consider. This part of the form is not required to be completed. The strictly voluntary options are as follows:
Voluntary unpaid days in FY10 in addition to Mandatory Requirements. As noted, these would be voluntary unpaid leave days
taken in FY10 in addition to the Board mandated unpaid leave days required in FY11. Individuals might choose this
option if they wish to have the same impact as State Classified staff. Unpaid leave, up to a maximum of 24 days/4.6% of salary
over the biennium, can be taken without loss of any benefits – meaning all benefits (including retirement) will be provided as if
the employee worked the unpaid leave days.
Contributions to designated programs in the UNLV Foundation. These would be post-tax payroll deductions taken from an
individuals paycheck on a monthly basis. This is an option that has been in existence for decades. (CTRL + click the
following link):
Mandatory Section:
This part of the form is required to be completed by all impacted employees. It is important to note that the employee must work with their
supervisor in finalizing this form, as employee selections are not approved until signed by the supervisor. It is strongly recommended that all
employees talk with their supervisor before completing this form and arrive at a mutual agreement, then complete the form.
By Board action employees are impacted in one of two ways. If you are a tenured instructional faculty member (includes all Dept. Chairs and
Associate Deans) you would complete the second section of this part of the form – “Actions Towards FY11 Mandatory Measures – Tenured
Instructional Faculty Only”. If you are a professional or administrative staff (meaning you may have tenure but are working in an
administrative position) you would complete the first part of this form – “Actions Towards FY11 Mandatory Measures – All Professional and
Administrative Staff.” If you have questions about which part of the form you should complete you should consult your supervisor. Question of
this type may also be directed to Human Resources or the Provost’s Office.
Actions Towards FY11 Mandatory Measures – All Professional and Administrative Staff. This section includes all Vice President’s,
Deans, Faculty in Residence and all tenure-track but not yet tenured faculty – DOES NOT INCLUDE DEPT. CHAIRS OR ASSOCIATE
DEANS. The options include the following:
Voluntary unpaid days in FY10 to count towards FY11 mandatory days. This is a voluntary option if an employee wishes to take
some unpaid leave in fiscal year 2010 and avoid having to take the entire unpaid leave requirement in fiscal year 2011. Options
for completion of this section range from “0” up to the maximum number required by the Board action (see table below,
depending on your employee contract). Note: Unpaid leave days are not refundable.
Unpaid days in FY11 to count towards FY11 mandatory days. The Board action requires unpaid leave in FY11 up to the
maximums noted in the table below. All employees are required to have the number of unpaid leave days in FY11 noted below.
Whatever number is inserted in this section of the form must, when added to the voluntary amount in FY10 noted immediately
above, total the Board mandated amounts noted in the table below, for your employee contract type.
Examples: F/T Professional Staff employee. Board obligated unpaid leave days = 12 for FY11. Selection option
Voluntary unpaid days in FY10 to count towards FY11 mandatory days:
6 days
Unpaid days in FY11 to count towards FY11 mandatory days:
6 days
Total must add to 12 for F/T staff 12 month staff, 8.3 for “B” contract, and 11 days for “B-11” contracts
12 days
F/T Tenure-Track but not yet tenured faculty member. Board obligated unpaid leave days = 8.3 for FY11. Selection option
Voluntary unpaid days in FY10 to count towards FY11 mandatory days:
0 days
Unpaid days in FY11 to count towards FY11 mandatory days:
8.3 days
Total must add to 12 for F/T staff 12 month staff, 8.3 for “B” contracts
8.3 days
Actions Towards FY11 Mandatory Measures – Tenured Instructional Faculty Only. This section is for tenured faculty whose primary
duties are not administrative – see special section for DEPT. CHAIRS AND ASSOCIATE DEANS. The options include the following:
I acknowledge that a Dept/College proportional workload increase will be required. This option means the tenured faculty
member will work with their Dean and Department to implement an unpaid workload increase that meets the Board code
requirement (Dept. Chairs and Associate Deans must consult with the appropriate Dean on their workload adjustment for their
If a tenured faculty member does not wish to participate in the unpaid workload increase, they may voluntarily opt for unpaid leave days, as
indicated the next section. This part of the form has identical instructions to the options for professional and administrative staff.
The employee must sign the form, and the Supervisor must sign approving the form and the selections made. The Supervisor,
working with the employee, is responsible for accurately and completing implementing the approved selections included in the
Department Chairs and Associate Deans.
The Department Chair and Associate Dean positions at UNLV are a combination of faculty and administrative duties, and a
“hybrid” model has been developed to deal with these relatively unique positions (Note: any Department Chairs or Associate
Dean’s that do not have tenure would be subject only to the unpaid leave on their entire salary level). The Department Chair and
Associate Dean positions will be treated as “tenured instructional faculty” relative to being subject to the mandatory workload
increase on their “B” base contract, but subject to the unpaid leave (4.6%) requirement for salary over this base amount. The
example below highlights the requirements for a Department Chair/Associate Dean:
Base “B” Contract
20% additional compensation
Additional Stipend
Total Salary
Mandatory Impact on Department Chair/Associate Dean:
Subject to the same workload increase as all other tenured instructional faculty, and to be coordinated with the
appropriate Dean
Subject to a 4.6% unpaid leave requirement on the $26,000 of salary above the “B” base, which in this case is $1,200
(an individual computation to turn this into hours of unpaid leave will be required).
The Provost has announced that the “B-11” contract will be phased out and no additional individuals will be moved to this option
for FY10 or beyond.
Leave Accounting/Approval and Salary Reduction for Unpaid Leave Days:
Unpaid leave may be taken at a time agreed upon by the employee and his/her supervisor. We will implement the unpaid leaves
from a technical perspective through a equal/consistent reduction in the monthly salary by the equivalent of one day per month (or
whatever it turns out to be when FY10 voluntary unpaid leave days are also involved) and leave it up to the individual and their
supervisor to arrange for the unpaid time to be taken. The unpaid leave can be taken in any increment approved by the supervisor,
does not have to be in 8 hour increments, and it may be preferable if they were taken in blocks (like their vacation period). It is
important to note that this is one area in which the implementation of unpaid leave is very different from the requirements for State
Classified staff, given the federal wage and hour laws. State Classified must have their unpaid leave time match their payroll
exactly, while this requirement does not exist for Professional staff.
Unpaid Leave Days and Benefits:
The implementation of the unpaid leave days would be the same relative to benefits as with the state classified staff. Therefore
each individual taking an unpaid leave day would be treated as if they worked that unpaid leave day for purposes of all benefits.
Specifically, the retirement contributions by the employer and employee would be made for all unpaid leave days taken, up to a
maximum of 24/4.6% of salary over the biennium (this would not be the case for any unpaid leave days taken beyond 24/4.6% of
Computation of Unpaid Leave Days/Hours:
The assumption on unpaid leave days required over the biennium is highlighted below, as all unpaid leave shall be calculated in
hours (rounded to the nearest hour):
12 month F/T professional staff and Administrators
12 days/96 Hours
“B” contract employees
8.3 days/66 hours
“B-11” contract employees
11 days/88 hours
Less than F/T employees would have an appropriate proportion calculated (e.g. 75% time professional staff member would have 9
unpaid leave days required over the biennium).
Employee Separating from Employment or New to Employment at UNLV:
Employees leaving before the end of the fiscal year in which unpaid leave is required (or voluntarily chosen) will not be
reimbursed for any unpaid leave taken (there is no cash value to unpaid leave, or for that matter the additional unpaid workload
increase for tenured faculty) Supervisors are responsible for assuring the employee takes the appropriate proportional unpaid leave
(or addresses their unpaid workload requirement) prior to their separation and assuring they have not taken unpaid leave ahead of
their monthly reductions in salary (to be addressed when their resignation is submitted). New employees hired in the 2009-2011
biennium will have the same unpaid leave requirement, appropriately proportioned if they were not on contract all of FY11 (e.g. a
professional position starting September 1, 2010 will be responsible for 10 unpaid leave days in FY11).