Travelers Executive Choice® Broad Form PLUS+

Travelers Executive Choice Broad Form PLUS+
Directors and Officers Liability Policy
Travelers Broad Form PLUS+ available from Travelers Insurance Company of Canada, offers superior personal asset protection
for directors and officers. Our innovative policy form offers exceptionally broad coverage that provides directors and officers with
added protection when it’s needed most. In today’s volatile economic environment, we provide our clients with the peace of
mind that they have the financial strength, protection and support of Travelers.
Why you need protection
Broad terms and conditions
Specifically designed to meet the unique needs of
directors and officers, Broad Form PLUS+ combines
expert claims handling with extensive coverage for
non-indemnifiable claims against directors and officers
(Side A) that includes difference in conditions (DIC) drop
down features not found in traditional D&O policies.
• The policy cannot be rescinded or voided
• Non-cancelable (except for non-payment of premium)
• Severability of exclusions and the application
• Final adjudication language triggers
• Notice of claim trigger is as soon as practicable after
executive officer becomes aware of a claim
• Reporting of circumstances allowed during the
extended reporting period
• Automatic acquisition coverage with no threshold
• Worldwide coverage
Key features and benefits
Follow form provision
With certain exceptions, our policy will follow form to
more favourable corresponding terms available under the
primary D & O policy, providing uniformity in coverage.
Additional benefits
If any other insurance or indemnification from any source
doesn’t respond to a claim within 60 days, this policy will
respond upon request.
Limited number of exclusions, broad exceptions
• No organization versus insured person exclusion
• No bodily injury and property damage exclusion
• No ERISA exclusion
• No pollution exclusion
• Fraud and Personal Profit exclusion does not apply to
defence expenses and includes coverage for:
 employment related wrongful acts;
 section 11 or section 12 claims based upon or arising out
of gaining any personal profit; and
 independent directors
Broad definitions
• Application includes public information created within 12
months prior to the inception date
• Claim expanded to include:
 informal or formal civil investigations;
 Wells Notice;
 service of subpoena;
 request for extradition; and
 written request to toll or waive statute of limitations
• Insured person expanded to include general counsel
and risk manager or any functional equivalent
• Loss includes:
 amounts payable, including taxes, pursuant to
Canadian law where the Organization has failed to
deduct, withhold, or remit such amounts
• Outside position means service on any non-profit or
for-profit outside entity.
Optional features and benefits
Travelers, an experienced market leader
Available upon request at no additional premium
• We have continuously offered public companies directors
and officers liability insurance since 1964
• A commitment to offering effective insurance products and
services in Canada since 1866
• We are continually ranked on the Fortune 100 list of
the largest U.S. companies
• A.M. Best** has assigned Travelers Guarantee Company of
Canada a financial strength rating of A+ (Superior)
• Named perils:
Provides explicit coverage when the limits of all
underlying insurance have been exhausted or any
underlying insurer:
 refuses or wrongfully refuses to provide
 is financially unable to provide indemnification;
 is not liable to provide indemnification; or
 rescinds the underlying insurance
• Supplemental independent director liability coverage:
$1 million separate and additional limit for
independent directors*
• Identity fraud expense reimbursement for directors
and officers: $25,000 separate limit, no retention
Also available by endorsement
• Specified coverage for scheduled individuals or
Financial and Professional Services Advantage
Get the protection you need and the peace
of mind you deserve
To learn more about our Broad Form PLUS+ Directors and
Officers Liability Coverage, talk with your independent
insurance broker or visit
* May be subject to minimum limit of liability purchase
**For a listing of companies rated by A.M. Best and
other rating services visit Ratings listed herein
are as of May 15th, 2009, are used with permission, and are subject to
changes by the rating services. For the latest rating, access
• Local underwriting, provided through our Vancouver,
Toronto and Montreal locations, allows for efficient, expert
• Our dedicated claim group is staffed by professional
liability claim attorneys and claim specialists
514. 875.0600
This material does not amend, or otherwise affect, the provisions or coverages of any insurance policy or bond issued by Travelers Insurance Company of Canada. It is not a representation that
coverage does or does not exist for any particular claim or loss under any such policy or bond. Coverage depends on the facts and circumstances involved in the claim or loss, all applicable
policy or bond provisions, and any applicable law. Availability of coverage referenced in this document can depend on underwriting qualifications, and application of legislative provisions.
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