The Saranac Promise Scholarship Acceptance Form

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The Saranac Promise Scholarship Acceptance Form
To provide each Saranac Community Schools (SCS) graduate with the opportunity to attend post-secondary
education with up to a $4,000 scholarship (upon full endowment funding) per year.
1. All students who graduate from Saranac
Community Schools, 2016 and beyond, and have
been SCS students one year or more. (Enrollment
must be continuous.)
2. Admitted to and enrolled at a post-secondary
institutions as described on the back of this form.
a. Make regular progress toward a degree or
certification as defined by Satisfactory Academic
Progress (SAP) standards of the school.
b. Must maintain a 2.0 grade point average at the
post-secondary institution.
c. Be enrolled as a full time student, typically 12
credit hours a semester. Exceptions to this
requirement are made for all students enrolled
during summer semester.
d. If the GPA drops below 2.0, a student may be
reinstated if he/she is able to bring their GPA back
to at least a 2.0.
The benefit will be graduated on the basis of length
of continuous attendance in the Saranac Community
School system.
Years in Attendance
12-13 years
3-6 years
1-2 years
This scholarship program provides up to four (4) years of tuition (in state) and mandatory fees for post-secondary
education (per the scale above). The students must be a full-time student, taking 12 credit hours per semester
minimum. Individual summer school classes will be covered as long as the class applies toward the degree or
certification program in which the student is enrolled and is taken at their designated school of choice. A summer
school request form must be completed AND approved in order to take summer classes away from the school of
choice. The scholarship may only be used at one school per semester, all summer sessions are considered one
Mandatory fees are defined using the same definition as the Michigan Educational Trust and are determined by each
educational institution.
The post-secondary education must be completed within 10 years of the date of high school graduation. Exceptions to
this requirement are granted for military service.
Four years shall be defined as the receipt of a bachelor degree or 130 credit hours towards a degree, whichever occurs
first. This education must be pursued per the requirements listed above.
Scholarship recipients must submit:
• A Saranac Promise application form.
• A Saranac Promise scholarship acceptance form.
• A transcript from the previous semester indicating as a minimum: classes taken, grades and credit hours for those
classes and cumulative GPA. (Provisions may be made to have this submitted by the post-secondary institution.)
• All changes to contact information as they occur. This includes home and school addresses, phone numbers and
email addresses.
• A Saranac Promise scholarship transfer form if changing school of choice.
• A Saranac Promise summer school request form in order to take summer classes at other than the school of choice.
All funds will be paid on a semester basis directly to the student upon verification of eligibility requirements. Prior to
full endowment funding payments will be paid in approximately July of each school year. Upon full endowment
funding payments will be paid in approximately July and January of each school year
No exceptions to the above requirements will be allowed unless approved by The Saranac Promise administration.
Appeals are initiated by contacting Superintendent of Saranac Community Schools.
Post-secondary institutions that are eligible for use of The Saranac Promise are those public or private colleges,
universities, and vocational or trade schools physically located in Michigan and accredited by and recognized in the
U.S. Department of Education’s database of accredited post-secondary institutions and programs
Scholarship Acceptance and Authorization to Release Education Records
_______________________________________________, hereby authorize my school of choice as designated
below, through its agents and employees, to release any financial aid, demographic or academic information to
The Saranac Promise This release is authorized for the duration of the time that I receive scholarship funds. In
order to rescind this Authorization, I acknowledge that I must submit written notification of rescission to the
Office of the Registrar of my school of choice. This rescission would result in the termination of the scholarship.
I also give permission to The Saranac Promise to use information regarding my scholarship in promotion of The
Saranac Promise.
My signature below indicates that I have read this Authorization to Release Educational Records and that I
authorize the release of records as described above.
My signature also indicates that I have read and agree to adhere to the scholarship conditions as set forth in this
I understand that failure to adhere to these requirements may result in the termination of this scholarship.
School of Choice:
College Student Identification Number:
Return completed form to:
The Saranac Promise
88 South Pleasant Street • Saranac, MI 48881 • 616-642-1400
TO BE COMPLETED BY The Saranac Promise
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