The `Dee Birdman 2012 Application Form

The ‘Dee Birdman 2014 Application Form
Personal Details (Please use BLOCK CAPITALS)
Title (please circle): Mr Mrs Miss Ms Other (please specify):
Surname/Family Name:
Post Code:
Date of Birth:
(proof of age may be requested)
Any Requirements (eg Music)
Class Entered –
Eagle (must have a flying machine)
Penguin (for entrants without a flying machine)
Declaration (please read carefully)
I enter the Birdman 2014 event ENTIRELY at my own risk and hereby indemnify the
organisers and sponsors against any prosecution which may arise from my entry into event.
I will not hold Donaghadee Commerce & Development Group or any Sponsor responsible
for any accident, injury, loss or damage to myself or my property arising from participation in
this event. If my application is successful I will be responsible for arranging my own
personal injury insurance.
I have read and agree to be bound by the rules of The ‘Dee Birdman 2014 competition.
I understand that The ‘Dee Birdman Event may be filmed and photographed by the media
and personnel appointed by the Organisers and Sponsors. Footage and photographs will
appear in the press, on websites and be transmitted on television. Any filming / photographs
will be kept and may be used by the organisers and sponsors for promotional purposes.
The entry fee of £10 is enclosed.
Signed: ….…………………………….…… Date: ….…………………………….…
Signed: ….……………………………Name (please print) ............................................
(Signature of Parent or Guardian if the entrant is over 16 years but under 18 years of age)
Signed: ….…………………………….…… Date: ….…………………………….…
NB Parent or guardian must be present at safety briefing and may be asked for proof of
This part of the form should be completed and submitted to Pier
36 before 5pm on Friday 8th August,
The ‘Dee Birdman 2014
Rules and Regulations
1. General
The Birdman Competition looks to attract topical or comic entries, usually fancy dress and
all flying machines or props must be distinctly home made rather than purchased off the
shelf. It is not permitted to use of any of the following:
 auxiliary lifting devices (e.g. kites, balloons, para-gliders / hang gliders or assistance
from other sources (e.g. cars, boats, rockets, catapults), or
 stored energy devices for propulsion.
Flying devices incorporating gears, chains, pulleys or propellers are only allowed if these
are powered solely by the physical efforts of the participant.
Competitors must be aged 16 or over and those who are not yet aged 18 must obtain the
written approval of their parent or guardian. To be considered for a prize all competitors
must "take off" from the launch platform. The Organisers reserve the right to limit the
number of entries.
2. Category NB The Organisers reserve the right to determine the class being entered..
Entries will be split into two classes:Eagle: This is for entrants who have constructed a flying machine. To qualify as a flying
machine the device must have been constructed and be sizeable. Simply holding on to
balloons or an umbrella would not therefore qualify. Any “wings” these should each be at
least 4ft long. Entrants in this category will be competing for prizes of:
Furthest Distance £1,000 (sponsored by Pier 36)
£500 (sponsored by S Mellon)
£250 (sponsored by John Minnis Estate Agents)
Entrants in this class can also compete in the Penguin class but can only win one prize.
Penguin: This is for entrants competing in fancy dress. Entrants in this category cannot
compete in the distance category. The Judges will decide on the winners taking account of
costume, props and launch routine. In this category the judges will be looking for humour,
originality or topicality.
First Prize
£500 (sponsored by McGimpsey removals and John Hagan Ltd)
Second Prize Pair of designer sunglasses (sponsored by Richard Sweeney)
Third Prize
Meal for Four at Grace Neill’s (sponsored by Grace Neill’s)
Entries will be judged prior to launch and pre-flight routines will take place on the launch
platform. These routines can include dance, song or mime but may not exceed 60 seconds
in duration. Your pre-recorded music should be on CD or other digital storage device
(please advise in your application) and must be submitted when first registering your
attendance on the day.
Distance Flown
Actual distance flown is measured as the shortest distance between the harbour wall to the
point of touchdown at which the Aviator ceases to fly. The Aviator will be deemed to "cease
to fly" when he or she stops moving forward and have any significant part of their legs or
body immersed in the water or touching the ground, or when additional force is gained from
any swimming stroke, push, or jump from any obstacle or when then have broken contact
with the flying device.
All contestants are strongly advised to take out personal accident insurance
Attendance at the pre-flight safety briefing is a condition of entry. Any competitor
missing the safety briefing for whatever reason will not be permitted to compete.
Where an entrant is under 18, their parent or guardian must also attend the briefing.
All competitors must comply with the instructions given at the briefing. Competitors
MUST heed the instructions of Stewards, Marshals and Safety Officers at all times
and the organisers reserve the right to disqualify competitors who fail to comply with
such instructions. Competitors should take adequate measures to protect
themselves and their property from accident, injury, loss or damage. Competitors are
advised to bring warm clothing to wear over their costume, whilst waiting their turn to
If wings are attached to the body of the competitor, a quick release device is required
and will need to be demonstrated and approved by the Safety Officers.
There may be no sharp edges, protruding components or pinch points on any design
items. In addition some flying machines may present a risk of injury through colliding
with, or falling on, parts of your own craft, particularly during a hard landing.
Protective measures such as foam padding on potential contact areas will be
required if in the opinion of the Organisers such a risk exists. The design must
anticipate structural failure of the flying device during flight or due to impact with
water, and avoid using materials which when exposed will cause injury or create
catch points.
Where any part of the aviator’s body is enclosed there must be two clear entry or exit
points to provide the participant with the ability to exit directly above or below the
craft. These two entry or exit points must allow unobstructed full entry to, or full exit
from, the flying device within a maximum of five seconds on dry ground. The design
of these two entry or exit points must anticipate the flying device coming to rest
upside down.
The flying device must not use any launching devices that are designed to separate
from it prior to or during flight, for example bicycles or prams.
Judges and Safety Officers and their decision as to the safety of craft, permitting
competitors to fly and the awarding of prizes will be final
Participants must not wear clothing that will restrict their ability to swim or their ability
to exit the device. All participants must wear
 appropriate clothing - for example, the wearing of heavy coats or hoods would
be inappropriate;
 an approved buoyancy vest, ideally of a self inflation type but under no
circumstances the type which carries the mini gas bottle that inflates on contact
with water. No life jackets may be used due to the dangers of restricted
movement or difficulties in exiting a submerged flying device (Some lifejackets
might ‘ride up’ on contact with the water and do not provide sufficient protection)
 All participants must wear closed footwear such as sneakers or runners,
preferably with rubber soles. Also, footwear that when filled with water may
increase the difficulty of treading water is prohibited, for example gumboots or
any excessively loose footwear.
The Organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to any competitor wearing inadequate or
unsuitable attire.
The Launch and Flight
Only competitors and their registered helpers will be allowed on the launch platform.
The Aviator’s support team may run forward supporting the craft, but pushing will not
be allowed except by the competitor.
The launch platform will be at a height of approximately 6.1m (20feet) above the sea
level. Rescue boats and divers will be in attendance to aid competitors and to
recover craft and debris
4.10 Competitors that are considered to be under the influence of alcohol or in the view of
the judges are in an unfit state will not be permitted on to the Launch Platform and
will forfeit their right to enter.
All contestants are strongly advised to take out personal accident insurance