FORM 22 - Bangkok RHVAC 2015

Booth Security Service
Deadline: 6 July 2015
850.- Baht
Night (pm)
850.- Baht
Special Shift
1,070.- Baht
No.of Guard
Service Fee
Baht/Person/ 75 Baht /
1 Hrs.
7% Vat
Grand Total
Terms & Conditions: Security services herein are confined to guarding individual booth only.
1. There are two shifts in one-day service: day shift (08:00 a.m. ‟ 20.00 p.m.) and night shift (20.00 p.m. ‟ 08.00 a.m.)
2. Placing of Orders: Orders will only be accepted when made in writing and accompanied with full payment no later than the DEADLINE. Payment by
Electronic Wire Transfer must be certified by a proof of payment attached to orders.
3. Deadline for Orders : All orders shall be placed with Addex Co.,Ltd. no later than :
„ The date specified in order form, or
„ 3 weeks (21 days) prior to the first day of build-up period for Exhibition Shows, or
„ 1 week (7 days) prior to the first day of tenancy period for other nature of event.
4. Late order may not be provided and, if available, will be subject to a surcharge of :
„ 20% levied on order after deadline, or
„ 30% levied on order on site with full cash payment
5. Alterations to Orders: Alterations made in writing to any order after the deadline will be handled as a late order and will be subject to a 20% surcharge.
6. Cancellation of Orders : Cancellation of orders will only be accepted when made in writing to Customer Service Department no later than 7 days prior to
the tenancy period. Late cancellation of order is subject to a charge at a half of standard rate.
7. Payment Terms : The company reserves the right to refuse any order until payment has been received. 7 Days Before the Function will be Start , Credit
Card, Bank Draft, Company Cheque payable to “Addex Co.,Ltd.
Our banking information is as follows: Please fax us a copy of evidence of your payment (copy of cheque, transfer document etc.)
A/C Name : Addex Co.,Ltd.
Bank’s Name : Kasikorn Bank Public Co., Ltd. Seacon Square Branch
A/C No. : 095-2-01041-9 (Saving Account)
** Withholding tax of 3% of services may be deducted only when applying with an official withholding tax form upon placing order.
Please complete and return this copy to:
Addex Company Limited
111 Soi Onnuch 64, Onnuch Road, Suanluang,
Bangkok 10250
Tel: +66 (0) 2322 2111 Fax: +66 (0) 2322 2145-46
Tax ID 0105548154906
E-mail: [email protected]
Contact Person: Ms.Aor, Ms Siriporn, Ms.Nichaporn
Exhibitor Company :
Address :
Tax ID :
Name of person in charge :
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Standard No.,:
Additional Terms & Conditions of Booth Security Service
1. Booth security service shall be solely provided by the Addex Co., Ltd. Any applicants (hereinafter called “The
Exhibitor”) who may wish other company to do such service a prior approval in writing shall be obtained from the
Addex Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter called “The Company” )
2. The exhibitor shall insure for the damage and loss of his / her property by his / her own cost.
3. The exhibitor shall inform the company in writing of the loss or damage of his / her property which is under the
care of the security guards, its value and damage, immediately upon the loss or damage or at least not later than the
following day and shall cooperate with the Company for the investigation and lodging the complaint with the
competent authorities. If it is beyond the said period or the exhibitor ignores, the exhibitor shall not be entitled to
claim for any compensation from the company.
4. In case of occurrence of loss or damage of the property, the exhibitor agrees that the company shall not be
liable to compensate to the exhibitor if the security guards have performed their duties with such reasonable care
as the case may be or have found that there is some defect in keeping the property and a warning was made to the
5. Notwithstanding, in no event the company shall be liable to any compensation to the exhibitor exceeding 50% of
the fee of the said booth security service and the exhibitor shall produce evidence as follows :
5.1 The exhibitor is the owner of the property with the evidence that there was the loss property and the said
property was kept in a proper place preventing it from loss or damage and the exhibitor has complied with
security regulations.
5.2 The loss or damage caused by burglary with evidence of traces of force or destruction of a barricade.
5.3 The theft caused by action or refraining from action of the security guards, whether intentionally or gross
5.4 The loss or damage was not caused by an act of the exhibitor or an employee or a dependent of the
exhibitor, whether as principal or supporter or by the negligence of such persons.
5.5 The exhibitor is not be able to take the lost property back.
5.6 The exhibitor is not paid by the insurance company.
6. The company shall not be responsible for the damage or loss of such the following properties except otherwise
agree upon in writing by both Parties e.g. bank notes, gold, gems/jewelry, antiques, valuable works of art, coins, blue
prints, important documents, debt securities, securities or financial documents, credit cards, checks, book accounts
and all other business documents.
7. The exhibitor and the representative and the employees of the exhibitor shall adhere strictly by the advice of the
security guards, requirements, restrictions and regulations concerning the security set forth by the company.
8. If there is any obstruction causing deficiency in any of service herein the company will promptly correct it.
However, the exhibitor shall not deduct or reduce the service fee fixed hereby and shall not take as a ground for
termination of the Contract or relating contracts and the company shall not be liable to the exhibitor.
9. These terms and conditions are made in both English and Thai Languages. The Thai version shall prevail in the
event of discrepancies
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